What is transfer of learning with examples?

What is transfer of learning with examples?

Hence, carryover of skills of one learning to other learning is transfer of training or learning. Such transfer occurs when learning of one set of material influences the learning of another set of material later. For example, a person who knows to drive a moped can easily learn to drive a scooter.

How does learning occur in Connectivism?

In connectivism, the starting point for learning occurs when knowledge is actuated through the process of a learner connecting to and feeding information into a learning community. ... According to connectivism, knowledge is distributed across an information network and can be stored in a variety of digital formats.

What is facilitating teaching?

Facilitating. A process whereby a teacher leads a group of students in acquiring new skills, knowledge, or understanding.

What do you mean by facilitating?

: to make (something) easier : to help cause (something) : to help (something) run more smoothly and effectively. See the full definition for facilitate in the English Language Learners Dictionary. facilitate. verb.

Is a facilitator a teacher?

Traditionally, teachers are the ones with knowledge and expertise in a particular field. ... Facilitators build on the knowledge base of the group of students to find the answers to questions. Both methods of instruction serve a purpose and allow students the chance to grow.

What is an online facilitator?

Online facilitator develops activities that provide students with opportunities to share module relevant information and a form of co-operation occurs, i.e. support for each person's goals. Group discussions occur and the interaction between students becomes more collaborative. The Online Facilitator acts as a guide.