What is the difference between contemporary and modern houses?

What is the difference between contemporary and modern houses?

If you're in the market for a home and are unsure of what style you're looking for, think of it this way: Remember that the term modern means that a home was built in a specific period of time and that contemporary refers to “whatever is popular right now,” and it'll be easier when you're on the home buying hunt.

Is landscape architecture a stem?

Landscape Architecture Programs Receive Official STEM Designation. The Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture and Master of Landscape Architecture programs have been officially approved as STEM-designated fields of study./span>

Does architecture have scope?

Architecture has a lot of scope in India. Students who are pursuing B. Arch, or are preparing for architecture entrance exams, can look at the various career prospects to pursue after the course. ... Arch, one has to first clear entrance exams such as NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture)./span>

Which is better B DES or B Arch?

BDes is 4 years and BArch is 5 years. BArch involves a lot of field exercises and you would be required throughout your life to be in the field. Not so in BDes. BArch requires substantial inputs of mathematics, a bit of physics and chemistry as you'll be dealing with structures and calculations.