What are the benefits of performing an architectural evaluation?

What are the benefits of performing an architectural evaluation?


Is MVC a design pattern or architecture?

The Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern specifies that an application consist of a data model, presentation information, and control information. The pattern requires that each of these be separated into different objects. MVC is more of an architectural pattern, but not for complete application./span>

Is Mvvm a design pattern or architecture?

Several patterns are popular within the Android community to improve testability. The most popular architecture choices are: Model View Presenter (MVP) Model View View Model (MVVM) together with Android Data Binding./span>

What are quality attributes?

Definition of Quality Attribute: A property of a work product or goods by which its quality will be judged by some stakeholder or stakeholders. Quality attributes are and should be quantifiable in specifications by the definition of some appropriate and practical scale of measure.

What is the MVVM design pattern?

MVVM combines the advantages of separation of concerns provided by MVP, while leveraging the advantages of data bindings. The result is a pattern where the model drives as many of the operations as possible, minimizing the logic in the view./span>

Is Reactjs a MVC?

React is neither MVC or notMVC. It's a library to render the View (with a lots of cool stuff, but still). You can use either MVC patterns, or Flux/Redux, or whatever. The difference between MVC and Flux is that latest implements unidirectional data flow./span>