What makes a building a green building?

What makes a building a green building?

What Makes a Building Green? A green building, also known as a sustainable building, is a structure that is designed, built, renovated, operated, or reused in an ecological and resource-efficient manner.

Do green buildings cost more?

High-performing buildings can be sold at a premium, with the average green building worth 7 percent more than its traditional counterpart. Green buildings, on average, are 14 percent less costly to operate than traditional buildings, with most new builds today achieving significantly more energy savings than that.

How are green buildings cost effective?

On average, green buildings use 30% less energy than conventional buildings—a reduction, for a 100,000 ft2 state office building, worth $60,000 per year, with a 20-year present value of expected energy savings at a 5% real discount rate worth about three quarters of a million dollars.

What can I do with LEED certification?

Architects, engineers, landscape designers, interior designers, facility managers, sustainability coordinators, urban planners, contractors, tradesmen, sales personnel and teachers or professors all benefit from the LEED accreditation program. Click here to see the best jobs for using LEED.

How do I prepare for the LEED Green Associate exam?

10 Tips for Passing the LEED Green Associate Exam

  1. Owning the BD+C Reference Guide is not optional. ...
  2. Read the Candidate Handbook very carefully, especially the part where they tell you which material you need to know. ...
  3. Explore LEED Online. ...
  4. Memorize the MPRs. ...
  5. Fully understand energy optimization, onsite renewables, and green power. ...
  6. Know your prerequisites.

Is LEED exam difficult?

Taking a LEED AP Exam can be intimidating; after all, it's a very difficult process to go through. Here at GBES, we are proud of our 95% pass rate for students attempting to pass the FIRST time. In order to help candidates along that process, here are some key tips and tricks to doing just that.