What is a cornice and pelmet?

What is a cornice and pelmet?

For clarification, a cornice is the cabinet trim that fixes on the top of a kitchen wall cabinets, whilst the pelmet is the smaller trim that goes around the bottom of the cabinet. ... Each cornice and pelmet is constructed from a combination of solid oak and MDF, covered in a real oak foil.

How can I hang curtains from the ceiling without drilling?

How to Hang Curtains from The Ceiling Without Drilling

  1. Prepare the Material You Need.
  2. Measure the Curtain Length You Need.
  3. Mark the Place You Want to Install the Curtain.
  4. Clean the Ceiling Surface Where You Will Install the Curtain.
  5. Put the Curtain Hook in the Ceiling.
  6. Place the Rod and Curtain.

What size curtains should I get for 9 ft ceilings?

To make your window and room appear larger, hang the curtain rod right below the ceiling, like I did in my dining room. This works best in rooms with 8, 9, or 10-foot ceilings using curtain panels that are 94″, 108″, or 120″ long, respectively.

How far above a window do you hang a valance?

For most windows, a valance should cover about 2 to 6 inches of the top of the window and window frame (this is called the window overlap), with the rest of the valance covering the wall above the window. If there is not enough room to do this, then the valance should be hung immediately under the ceiling.

Should curtains touch the ceiling?

If you have the space between the top of your window frame and the ceiling or crown molding, though, you should hang the rod over the window. I like to go 3 to 5 inches down from the ceiling. ... For an 8-foot ceiling, your curtain panels should probably be about 91 inches long.

Do floor to ceiling curtains make a room look bigger?

"Extending your draperies from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall surrounding your window makes them appear bigger," explains Francesco Bilotto.

Can you put curtains in front of a radiator?

Floor-length curtains work best with radiators under the windows, but closing them means they'll block the heat generated by the radiator. Generally, pairing up floor-length curtains with other window coverings can do the trick.

What is the proper height to hang curtains?

four to six inches

Can curtains catch fire from a radiator?

Curtains can catch fire from electric radiators if the radiator is close to a curtain made of flammable material. Water radiators usually don't get hot enough to cause curtains to catch fire, but the radiator could still burn any fragile materials nearby.