What is the definition of cornice?

What is the definition of cornice?

1a : the molded and projecting horizontal member that crowns an architectural composition — see column illustration. b : a top course that crowns a wall. 2 : a decorative band of metal or wood used to conceal curtain fixtures. 3 : an overhanging mass of windblown snow or ice usually on a ridge. cornice.

What is the point of cornice?

Interior cornices provide a number of functions. As mentioned above, they are used to hide the joints between your wall and your ceiling and cover any cracks in the plasterboard. Interior cornices are also designed to brighten up a room by deflecting light from dark corners where there are often shadows.

What is a cornice window treatment?

A cornice box is an ornamental element of window treatments that attach to your curtains or blinds. ... Cornice window treatments are used to cover window treatment hardware or to add additional color and style to a room, but they can also help to block unwanted light around the top of your window treatments.

What is the difference between Peneplain and Pediplain?

The two major difference between Pediment and Peneplain are: In Pediment- The process of slowly eroding soil or gentle absence of the soil slowly in the plains is accounted for, here with time because of the soft bed soil the soil is slowly and steadily removed from the top and it is deposited in other areas.

Who coined the term Peneplain?

The term peneplain, almost a geographical plain, was coined by that great systematizer of geomorphology, W. M. Davis. ... This goal is the peneplain state.

Who named Inselberg?

The word inselberg is a loan word from the German word Inselberg, which has the literal meaning of "island mountain". The name was coined in 1900 by geologist Wilhelm Bornhardt (1864–1946) to describe the abundance of such features found in eastern Africa.

What is difference between Yardang and Inselberg?

An inselberg is an isolated rock hill or a small mountain that rises from its surrounding plains or sloping background in a sudden manner. ... Ayardang on the other hand is a protuberance that is carved from the bedrock or any other rock made out of consolidated or semi-consolidated material.

What is Inselberg made up of?

Inselbergs are generally erosional remnants. Often, inselbergs are composed of harder igneous rock (such as granite) that is more resistant to erosion. However, inselbergs may also form in sedimentary rocks.

What is a Monadnock geology?

Monadnock, isolated hill of bedrock standing conspicuously above the general level of the surrounding area. ... In contrast to inselbergs (island mountains), a similar tropical landform, monadnocks are formed in humid, temperate regions. They take their name from Mt.

What is the name given to the hills that have resisted erosion?

A mountain or rocky mass that has resisted erosion and stands isolated in an essentially level area.

In which Australian location would you find an Inselberg?

Bald Rock - New South Wales/Queensland border An inselberg, or isolated rock hill, Bald Rock is said to be Australia's largest exposed granite surface.

Is Uluru an Inselberg?

Uluru and Kata Tjuta are inselbergs standing in isolation in the desert plains of central Australia. Uluru is a beveled bornhardt shaped steeply dipping Cambrian arkose.