What is a HS code number?

What is a HS code number?

An HS code consists of at least six digits and is used by customs to classify the product being shipped. ... If you don't include the HS code on the commercial invoice and other shipping documents, you risk the receiver paying the wrong tax and could possibly delay the shipment.

What is HS Code for shipment?

Harmonized System

What is a 10-digit HTS code?

Harmonized Tariff Schedule code

What is the purpose of HS Code?

The Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding System, or simply the HS, is an international nomenclature (at 6-digit level) developed by the World Customs Organisation (WCO) for the classification of goods.

Are HS codes universal?

The Harmonized System classification is a six-digit standard, called a subheading, for classifying globally traded products. ... You use an HS code because it is a universal classification tool. Many governments add additional digits to the HS number to further distinguish products in certain categories.

What is an HS code for export?

When goods are imported or exported you have to classify them. The tariff code is the international system that is used to classify traded items. ... The tariff code is often also called the HS (Harmonised System) number. A tariff heading will have a minimum of four digits and represents a broad category of products.