How much does it cost to replace countertops and backsplash?

How much does it cost to replace countertops and backsplash?

Countertop installation costs $2,962 on average, with a typical range of $1,858 and $4,150. Homeowners usually pay $15 to $70 per square foot for the material and $10 to $30 per square foot for labor, for a total of $25 to $120 per square foot.

What goes in first the countertop or the backsplash?

First install the kitchen counters, then put up the tile backsplash. A countertop needs to be installed before the backsplash is put on the walls above the countertop.

How do I choose a countertop and backsplash?

How to Choose a Backsplash with Quartz Countertops

  1. Determine the scope. First, make up your mind about the coverage. ...
  2. Plan your budget. Pricing is another vital thing to consider. ...
  3. Pick a shape, pattern, and material. Do you want your backsplash to match the walls and countertop, or do you desire to achieve contrast? ...
  4. Experiment. The design takes time.

What backsplash goes with granite countertops?

Choose glass tiles If you want a somewhat contemporary look in your kitchen with granite countertops, choosing glass as your backsplash will help create a slick, lustrous, clean, and modern appearance in your kitchen. Their subtle look will let your granite shine.

Should I do a 4-inch granite backsplash?

The main advantage to the 4-inch slab is that it costs a lot less than a full backsplash so it's a budget-friendly solution to protecting your kitchen. When it matches your countertop, as it should, it adds a uniform look like an extension of your countertops.

How high is a countertop backsplash?

between 15 and 18 inches tall

Should you put backsplash behind stove?

Do put a backsplash behind your cooktop and hood vent. Grease, bubbling sauce, steam and other elements coming from your stove make for a messy cleaning job. Having a backsplash there will eliminate the headache.

Does kitchen backsplash add value?

If you are looking for an easy way to instantly increase the value of your home, then adding a kitchen backsplash is a great idea! A backsplash will not only add charter and charm to your home, it increases the value of your biggest home asset—the kitchen! The good news is that tile doesn't have to be expensive.

What is the best kitchen color for resale?

The Best Kitchen Paint Colors for Selling Your House

  • Brown. Brown is one of the best colors that potential buyers like to see. ...
  • White. White kitchens are classic! ...
  • Gray. Many people associate gray with cloudy days, but it doesn't have to be dull! ...
  • Black. Black is chic. ...
  • Beige. Beige is a great color to paint your kitchen simply because it's neutral. ...
  • Red. ...
  • Turquoise.

What is the going rate for tile backsplash installation?

Installing a backsplash in your kitchen costs an average of $1,000. You could pay as little as $600 or as much as $1,350. Your local tile contractor could charge you a minimum fee of $160 for labor, or add $10 per square foot to your material estimate. If not, they may quote you roughly $40 to $60 per hour for labor.

How much does Lowes charge to install kitchen backsplash?

The average is $1,500 for a backsplash and $3,500 for a countertop. That includes a typical $5 to $10 per square foot for the tile, and $4 to $14 per square foot for a pro to do the work.

Does Lowes do backsplash installation?

Lowe's Can Help With Your Backsplash Installation Lowe's can help with installing backsplash in your kitchen and bath. Lowe's independent installers will handle installing tile backsplash from start to finish, including cleanup.

Can I install my own backsplash?

Tiling a backsplash above the counter is one of the easiest ways to upgrade an old, tired kitchen on a tight budget. You can choose from the vast array of handsome ceramic tiles available, including the easy-to-install one we show here—mosaic tiles.