What is double hung window?

What is double hung window?

Double-Hung windows have two operating sash that move up and down allowing for ventilation on the top, bottom or both. Single-Hung windows allow ventilation through a single operable lower sash.

What is the advantage of a double hung window?

Advantage: Energy Efficiency New double hung windows can drastically reduce heating and cooling costs due to increased energy efficiency. Old windows are inherently inefficient because they were not designed with energy efficiency in mind—even windows that are more than 10 years old.

Are double hung windows more energy efficient than single hung windows?

When it comes to being energy-efficient, single-hung windows are typically thought of as being more energy efficient because they have less moving parts. However, according to the US Department of Energy, both single and double-hung windows tend to have higher air leakage rates than projecting or hinged windows.

When Should home windows be replaced?

How to Tell if You Need New Windows

  1. You hear a lot of outside noise. ...
  2. You feel a draft, even when your windows are closed. ...
  3. Window frames are soft, chipped or water damaged. ...
  4. Difficulty opening, closing and locking windows. ...
  5. Condensation build up between glass layers or cracked window glass.