What countertops can you put hot pans on?

What countertops can you put hot pans on?

What Are Your Best Heat-Resistant Countertop Options?

  • Engineered Stone. Unlike laminate countertops, engineered stone won't discolor or crack due to heat. ...
  • Granite. One of the most heat-resistant countertop materials available today is granite. ...
  • Quartz. Like granite, quartz is also very heat-resistant. ...
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum.

Can you put hot pans on a granite countertop?

Can I set a hot pan down on my countertop? Granite – Yes. However, while brief encounters with a hot pan won't hurt your granite countertop, use of a trivet on a regular basis is recommended. Having this barrier between a hot pan and your countertop will help reduce weakening of sealants, staining, and cracking.

What is the most durable low maintenance countertop?

Quartz countertops are the easiest natural stone to take care of. They are engineered using ground stone and resin, so they don't require regular sealing they way most granite and marble countertops do. This stone is non-porous, so it does not easily stain or etch./span>

What kind of sink is best for quartz countertops?

Drop-in sinks are so simple to install, they sit well within all types of countertops, ranging from laminate countertops to solid surface countertops. However, with undermount sinks, materials like quartz, marble, granite, and concrete countertops are best./span>