What is an example of a cultural landmark?

What is an example of a cultural landmark?

A cultural landmark is any one place, ranging from monuments to built structures such as buildings or whole complexes, that possess a special cultural significance for its people, and more often than not, for the whole of mankind as well.

What is very famous landmark?

These monuments and natural wonders connect us to a destination and inspire travel. In Paris, it's the Eiffel Tower and in New York City it's the Statue of Liberty. All monumental to each place and its history, these 30 landmarks should be on your bucket list when traveling the world.

What is the most visited landmark?

Notre-Dame de Paris

Who is the 3 most famous person in the world?

Top 10 Famous Persons in World in 2020!

  • Jeff Bezos.
  • Bill gates.
  • Dwayne Johnson.
  • Kylie Jenner.
  • Robert Downey.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Barack Hussein Obama II.
  • Justin Bieber.

What is the most famous country?


What country is the most beautiful?

  1. Italy. Few countries receive as many accolades for their beauty as Italy, which has taken the top spot in this year's poll of the most beautiful countries in the world.
  2. New Zealand. In second place is New Zealand. ...
  3. United Kingdom. ...
  4. Greece. ...
  5. Canada. ...
  6. Norway. ...
  7. The USA. ...
  8. Iceland. ...

Which is the No 1 country in the world?

  • Switzerland. #1 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • Canada. #2 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • Japan. #3 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • Germany. #4 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • Australia. #5 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • United Kingdom. #6 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • United States. #7 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • Sweden. #8 in Best Countries Overall.

Which country is the smartest 2020?

Ranked: The 25 Smartest Countries In The World
RankingCountryAverage IQ

Which nationality is the smartest?

The OECD used data, including adult education level, to determine the world's smartest nations. Based on this data, Canada was listed as the most intelligent nation. Japan placed second, while Israel came in third.

Who is the intelligent girl?

Olivia Manning is among the top 1 % of the most intelligent people in the world. At this age, Manning is surely a celebrity in her school in North Liverpool Academy in Everton. Manning, is now an esteemed member of Mensa, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world.

Who is the intelligent girl in India?

Girl Neha Ramu

Was Anne an intelligent girl?

Anne was indeed a very intelligent girl. She was a thirteen years old school going girl, but her diary shows that she was mature enough for her age. ... She decided to write a diary because she felt that paper was more patient than people. Only an intelligent girl could think so wisely and deeply.