What is the outer wall of a castle called?

What is the outer wall of a castle called?

An outer bailey or outer ward is the defended outer enclosure of a castle. ... Depending on topography it could also be referred to as a lower bailey or lower ward, the keep being in the upper bailey or ward.

What are the parts of a castle wall called?

3 Answers. It's a battlement or crenellation. This consists of a parapet (a short wall on top of a roof) with cops or merlons (the solid parts) and crenels or embrasures (the parts you can look through or fire arrows through).

What is the difference between a castle and a keep?

The keep is the fortified tower usually on a man made hill called a motte and surrounded by walled enclosures called baileys. Originally built from wood it would have been rebuilt in stone usually in the C12th. ... The castle refers to the whole fortification: keep, motte, baileys, outer walls, towers and moats or ditches.

Why doesn't America have castles?

Stone-built castles in the medieval sense were long outmoded in Europe by the time that settlement of North America began on a large scale; styles of government and war no longer required them. ... For the same reason, medieval-style castles are also not present in Canada.

Which country has most castles?


Is Italy still giving away castles?

Italy is giving away 103 run-down properties, including villas, inns, and castles for free. ... The country's State Property Agency expects anyone who gets a free castle (or any other of the 103 objects) to commit to restoring it so it can be used as a tourist destination.

Were there toilets in castles?

The toilets of a castle were usually built into the walls so that they projected out on corbels and any waste fell below and into the castle moat.

Where did they poop on old ships?

The head (pl. heads) is a ship's toilet. The name derives from sailing ships in which the toilet area for the regular sailors was placed at the head or bow of the ship.

Did they poop in chamber pots?

People living in crowded cities and towns throughout the colonies and Europe still emptied their pots in much the same way as their rural counterparts. They just tossed the waste into the street. ... Privies, chamber pots, close stool chairs, night soil, rampant stomach worms, and waste lying in the street.

How did people wipe before toilet paper?

If you relieved yourself in a public latrine in ancient Rome, you may have used a tersorium to wipe. These ancient devices consisted of a stick with a vinegar- or salt water-soaked sponge attached. ... According to ancient sources, Romans used a sponge-topped stick called a tersorium (modern replica above).

What were toilets called in the 1800s?

water closets

What is a female toilet called?

A female urinal is a urinal designed for the anatomy of women, to allow ease of use by women and girls. ... Unisex urinals are also marketed by various companies, and can be used by both sexes. Female urinals and unisex urinals are much less common than male urinals.

What are the three types of toilet?

Let's look at the three main toilet types: gravity-feed, pressure-assisted, double-cyclone, and waterless.

  • Gravity Fed Toilet. This Old Toilet. ...
  • Pressure-Assisted Toilet. The Unfair Art Show. ...
  • Dual-Flush Toilet. Weilhammer Plumbing Co. ...
  • Waterless Toilet. ...
  • Double-Cyclone Toilet. ...
  • One-Piece Toilet. ...
  • Two-Piece Toilet. ...
  • Wall-Hanging Toilet.

Why do bathroom attendants exist?

A bathroom attendant, restroom attendant, toilet attendant, or washroom attendant, is a cleaner for a public toilet. ... Some restroom attendants also provide services to the patrons, and keep good order by preventing drug-taking and fights.

How much do you tip a bathroom attendant?

And remember, these attendants can perform essential services like mending a hem. For that task, give the person $2 or $3 (leave it in the small dish on the counter) — but even if she's simply handing you a paper towel, tip at least 50 cents.

How much do bathroom attendants make?

Washroom Attendants in America make an average salary of $34,047 per year or $16 per hour. The top 10 percent makes over $42,000 per year, while the bottom 10 percent under $26,000 per year.

When did bathroom attendants start?

McCarthy said the role of attendant dates back to the mid-to-late 19th century in Europe, when fancy hotels and restaurants began opening throughout the continent. They became common at urban high-end hotels and restaurants in the United States in the early 20th century.

How much does an EVS attendant make?

The average evs attendant salary in the USA is $24,843 per year or $12.

Who invented comfort room?

George Jennings

Why is it called comfort room?

CR or comfort room was a term originally used in the United States with the Oxford English Dictionary noting that its earliest report was in the Santa Fe Daily New Mexico and the word's original meaning, “a room in a public building or workplace furnished with amenities such as facilities for resting, personal hygiene, ...

What is the purpose of comfort room?

A Comfort Room provides a supportive therapeutic environment where individuals can use self-help techniques to manage their behavior and emotional state in a safe environment. It is a designated space that is intentionally designed to help calm an individual when that person feels stressed, or becomes overwhelmed.