What is the best paint for interior wood trim?

What is the best paint for interior wood trim?

For trim and doors, the best option is generally semigloss. This will be wipeable and classic. Another good option, though, is satin paint. For a slightly more contemporary look, satin trim paint is still fairly durable and wipeable, but it is more matte than semi gloss paint.

What is the best paint for interior woodwork?

Well, firstly you want to match the type of paint using either Satinwood, Gloss or Eggshell to match the rest of the trim and woodwork. So if you use a satin top coat for the rest of the wood, you are best using a satinwood paint for your white interior doors. You do not necessarily have to use white paint.

What paint is best on wood?

For furniture it's best to use a satin or semigloss finish in either a latex or an oil-based paint. Never leave primer unpainted. If you choose a latex paint, a latex primer is an excellent choice for most uses. It goes on easily and blocks most stains, but it doesn't have the odor of an oil-based primer.

What's the difference between satinwood and gloss?

The difference between the two is gloss provides a high sheen and satinwood produces a more matt finish. Both paints are brilliantly white, plus many various colours depending on the brand you use. You can use both gloss and satinwood on: Skirting boards, dado rails and picture rails.