What can I use instead of curtain rings?

What can I use instead of curtain rings?

  • Step 1 – Use Bracelets. Old metal bracelets shall make excellent curtain rings if they are changed around just a bit. ...
  • Step 2 – Use Old Ribbon. ...
  • Step 3 – Use Fabric Scraps. ...
  • Step 4 – Reuse Old Curtain Rings.

What are curtain ties called?

Like the name presumes, a tieback is usually made out of a soft material or cord that allows you to gather the curtain panel's fabric and tie the tieback around it to draw them back. A holdback, on the other hand, is usually made out of plastic or metal that screw into the wall to draw back the window curtain panels.

How do you hang curtains without drilling?

Coat Hooks To install them, intersperse the coat hooks at an even distance across the window. Loop the holes through each hook to hang your curtains. Coat hooks are easier to hang than traditional curtain rod hardware and don't require drilling.

Where do you hang curtain brackets?

Each bracket should be placed at the height you previously determined and about four to six inches from the side of the window frame. (This will allow you to open the curtains completely.)

Can you put 2 curtains on one rod?

Another smart way to achieve a layered look using a single rod is to use double-sided hooks. Though these are often used in bathrooms for shower curtains, they can be adopted in other rooms as well. Double-sided hooks have two hooks on opposite sides, which can be used to hold two curtain panels at the same time.

Are curtains necessary?

The answer is when the room doesn't want it or need it. ... When the ROOM doesn't warrant it. Having said all that, it's your home, it's your space and it needs to be your vibe. If curtains aren't your thing, then by all means, don't hang them.

How do I choose curtains?

When selecting a curtain color, think about whether you want your window curtains to blend in with the decor or be a focal point for the living room. If you elect to have them play a more muted role, select curtains that are similar to the wall color or trim color of the space.

Should living room and dining room curtains match?

The same curtains are used in both the living and dining areas. ... One could choose to use two different types of curtains to help define the 'rooms,' but it is essential that they work together without clashing or distracting from the overall decor.

Are white curtains a bad idea?

White curtains soften windows, give a touch of privacy and bring warmth to a space without feeling heavy. In a bedroom, a family room, office or dining room, they are always a good idea.