Are Ecco shoes wide fitting?

Are Ecco shoes wide fitting?

ECCO's line of shoes utilizes a unique type of fit. Due to this our shoes are able to fit a very wide variety of feet. ECCOs fit from heel to instep (not to the ball of the foot).

How long do ECCO shoes last?

But if you buy the Ecco, you just might get 2-7 years out of them. And if you get a welted shoe like Meermin, and you treat it well, you could get 5-10 years out of them. But again, it is all greatly dependent on how often you wear them, how often you polish them and if you use shoe trees, shoe horns etc.

Is Ecco a good walking shoe?

I have always found Ecco shoes very comfortable. These are no exception. Indeed they are great for walking. The front opens up to provide a little more room than Ecco dress shoes.

Are Ecco shoes made in China?

ECCO's shoe factory in Xiamen, China, was established in 2005. In 2008, we added a tannery. Together, the shoe factory and the tannery employ approximately 3,450 people.

Do Ecco shoes have a lifetime warranty?

ECCO offers a One-Year Limited Manufacturing Warranty on all ECCO footwear. If you should experience any defects in materials or workmanship simply return the product to the ECCO store of purchase for inspection, PROOF OF PURCHASE MUST BE PROVIDED to validate any claim. ...

Can you replace soles on Ecco shoes?

Can you put a new sole on my Ecco shoes? Ecco shoes are constructed with a direct-inject polyurethane sole and we are unable to resole these shoes.

Why did the soles of my Ecco shoes disintegrate?

The shoes had a moulded polyurethane (PU) sole, which, while being light and comfortable, is prone to a form of deterioration called “hydrolysis”, especially in coastal, humid areas, when not worn. In short, they crumble into a sticky mess. ... So it's possible for a pair of unworn or barely worn shoes to disintegrate.

How do I resole my Ecco shoes?

Over time, your Ecco shoes may become worn and need to be resoled. Don't toss your Ecco shoes; simply send them off to get them resoled. The Ecco company works with a website called NuShoe, which can repair your Ecco shoes and have them back to you within a few weeks. It's simple and won't take long.

Can ECCO shoes be repaired?

Additionally NuShoe is the exclusive repair center for Ecco and as such has access to original insoles, laces, hardware, and other original Ecco components.

Can ECCO shoes be washed?

Wipe the Ecco shoes with a damp washcloth dipped in warm water to remove loose dirt and debris. Use a mild soap if necessary to ensure that the shoes are completely free of dirt. Apply Ecco Daily Care cream to your shoes after cleaning. Buff the shoes with a dry washcloth to get rid of any excess water and debris.

Can any shoe be resoled?

Not all shoes can be resoled. Whether a shoe can be resoled depends entirely on the design and construction of the shoe. On lower quality shoes, replacement soles may not be available. Even if they are, the cost to replace the sole may exceed the cost of the shoe, which doesn't make sense for the smart consumer.

Is it worth resoling shoes?

"It depends if you like the shoes," he said, and then explained his simple rule: "If the upper part of the shoe dries out or starts cracking, then it's not worth repairing. But if the uppers are fine, the bottoms can always be fixed."

How much does it cost to get shoes resoled?

The cost of resoling your boots can range anywhere between (approximatelY0 $80 to $150 depending on the boot and the extent of labor that is required. Please note, this can and does vary depending on cobbler, boot, and requested service.

Can cemented shoes be resoled?

1. adhesive shoes can be resoled, although I'm told that they have a much lower limit to how many times it can be done because of the nature of the "ripping" involved in resoling non-welted shoes.

Can you repair rubber soled shoes?

Yes, shoes can be resoled either with full soles of half soles and can be replaced several times providing the upper is in good condition. ... You will know when shoes need resoling when soles start to soften and signs of a hole appear, or you can feel the ground.

Why is Goodyear Welt better?

Welt This Way While the Blake stitch still allows for relatively easy resoling, Goodyear is easily the best in terms of durability, solidity, water resistance, and longevity.

Are Goodyear welted shoes worth it?

Goodyear welted shoes are the easiest to resole and can be resoled many more times than other types of shoes. ... But again – it does a little bit of damage to the bottom of the shoe every time. And often they have such a low-quality upper it's not even worth it.

Why is it called a Goodyear Welt?

Charles Goodyear Jr patented a machine to manufacture shoes using a method with added longevity and, never one to blow his own trumpet, called it the Goodyear Welt. The welt refers to a strip of leather that is sewn around the perimeter of the upper of the shoe, onto the insole.

Are Magnanni good shoes?

Are Magnanni shoes good quality? You can expect a pair of Magnanni shoes to last at least five years, even through rain and snow. They don't scuff easily and the bonding is tough. One downside is that they don't include a Goodyear welt, which is a deal breaker for many gentlemen.

How good are Florsheim shoes?

Florsheim shoes aren't anything special when it comes to comfort. Their not bad by any means, but their not exceptional, either. They do offer a Comfortech range, which uses cushioning foot-beds and soft materials. These will be your best bet if you have feet problems or hate uncomfortable dress shoes.

Are Bruno Magli good shoes?

The bottomline on Bruno Magli While not as popular as Allen Edmonds for example, they are still very high quality and comfortable dress shoes. Having calfskin leather uppers and lining is a huge plus. Foam insoles, leather outer soles, and good construction methods makes these shoes well worth their price.

Do Magnanni shoes run large?

How do Magnanni shoes fit? Our shoes tend to run slightly large compared to other dress shoe brands. If you have not tried our shoes before, then we recommend ordering a half-size below what you normally wear.

Where is Magnanni shoes made?


What is Bologna construction?

bologna constructed in a general sense refers to the how the shoe leather is put together with the sole, instead of having a separate welt or cork medium to which the upper is stitched to and the sole is stitched to underneath, the upper leather is wrapped all the way around and directly stitched to the sole.