Does Megumin end up with Kazuma?

Does Megumin end up with Kazuma?

In the short story after volume 17, it was revealed that Megumin and Kazuma ended up together and went public with their relationship. Their relationship has progressed to the point where Kazuma gave up his dream of building a harem.

Is Megumin poor?

Because of this he has to sell his products for large discounts, at times unable to sell them at all, and as a result Megumin's family is very poor financially.

Why can Megumin only use explosion once?

Despite her being an archwizard, she only uses explosion magic, believing that other types of magic is inferior to it and refuses to learn any magic. She also says that if she doesn't use her Explosion spell once a day, she will "die".

Why does Megumin wear bandages?

The same reason she wears the eyepatch: it's a common trait of chuunibyou. Because she's a chuuni and that comes with a predisposition towards questionable fashion choices. ...

What level is Megumin?

Due to her tendency to steal the final blow, along with the spotlight, Megumin receives the bulk of the experience points earned by each of the party's conquests, leading to her being the highest level in the party at around the mid-40s.

Does Aqua have feelings for Kazuma?

Despite the latter's constant frustration of him, when there was potential for Aqua to return to heaven, Kazuma struggled internally, coming to terms with it, and eventually was able to express his feelings for her to stay in his own unique way (which was also assisted by she herself having grown attached to the world ...

Who loves Kazuma?

Megumin, Darkness and Iris explicitly have feelings for him. Chris might have feelings for him. Megumin confesses to him in Volumes 5 and 9, the first one is basically an off-hand remark, the second is a serious confession.

Do aqua and Kazuma end up together?

Kazuma doesn't like Aqua, romantically of course. Aqua doesn't like him either. He ends up with Megumin.

Who does Kazuma Sohma end up with?

Kazuma later leaves the house with Tohru without saying his goodbyes to Kyo. He confesses to her that he initially took Kyo in as atonement for the horrible things he said in his only meeting with his grandfather, though he eventually grew to love Kyo as his son.