How much did 808s and Heartbreak sell first week?

How much did 808s and Heartbreak sell first week?

808s & Heartbreak debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, selling just over 450,000 copies in its first week.

Is an 808 a bass?

The TR-808 is most famous for its big, booming bass drum. The renowned 808 kick drum is a staple in hip hop, techno, trap, pop, and other modern music productions. However, mixing the 808 is challenging. Getting an 808 to cut through a mix is difficult.

What is the best 808 sample pack?

The Best 808 Sample Packs of 2020 (Free Downloads)

  • Cobra Hip Hop & 808 Drum Kit. Cobra is an all encompassing hip hop sample pack that was created to include every element you need to make placement ready trap beats. ...
  • 808 Mob Trap and 808s Sample Pack. ...
  • Astro Hip Hop and 808 Drum Kit. ...
  • 9God Hip Hop and 808 Drum Kit.

Do LOFI beats have 808?

Lo-Fi 808 Vol 1 Every 808 in the pack has been processed with the finest vintage filters and effects to get you that warm tape saturated sound that makes lo-fi beats go. Lo-Fi 808 Vol 1 also comes with loops and construction kits, so you can put your best beat together quick and easy.

What is the spinz 808?

The Spinz 808 is still one of the most popular 808 bass samples used in making trap beats. ... This bass drum sample has been used by the top industry producers in the game like Southside, Jetsonmade, Sonny Digital, Jetsonmade, CashmoneyAP, Pyrex Whippa & More!

Does FL Studio have 808?

808 Slides Slides can be accomplished in FL Studio by adding a portamento note to a native FL Studio instrument in the Piano Roll. They can also be added to 3rd party VSTS by adjusting Pitch Control knobs, located either in the channel settings window or parameters window.