What is the recommended size of brick Mcq?

What is the recommended size of brick Mcq?

This set of Basic Civil Engineering Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Qualities of Good Brick”. 1. What is the recommended size of a brick? Explanation: Bureau of Indian Standards recommends the size of a standard brick to be 19x9x9cm.

How much is a single red brick?

Brick Prices by Volume
Amount of BricksTypical Cost
Single Brick$0.

How heavy is a standard red brick?


How much does a house brick weigh in kg?

In reply to Frank4short: According to wikipedia traditional UK bricks are 215mm x 102.

How much does 100 red bricks weigh?

When we find that value, then we multiply that by 100 and that's our answer, in pounds, for the weight of 100 bricks. Therefore, 100 bricks would weigh 400 pounds.

How much do pressed red bricks weigh?

Individual Weights and Measurements
Pressed Bricks110mm3.

How heavy is a feather?

Answers. Ornithologists commonly measure birds' feathers as a proportion of total body weight. According to Cobb-Vantress, a 5-pound broiler chicken's feathers weigh about 74 grams or 2.

What are the 4 types of feathers?

Feathers fall into one of seven broad categories based on their structure and location on the bird's body.

  • Wing feathers. ...
  • Tail feathers. ...
  • Contour feathers. ...
  • Semiplume. ...
  • Down. ...
  • Filoplume. ...
  • Bristle.

What does 1 pound of feathers weigh?

In the Troy system only 12 ounces equal a pound. So a pound of feathers weighs 453.

What is heavier 1 pound of feathers or 1 pound of bricks?

So this question is kinda tricky, But the answer is that they weigh the same. Because it is already mentioned that a feather weighs 1 pound and so a brick also weighs 1 pound. So, their weigh should be equal but there might be more feathers in 1 pound.

Which is heavier 100 pounds of bricks or 100 pounds of feathers?

You might be attempted to say 100 pounds of feathers, as an analogy to the similar “Which is heavier 100 pounds of gold or 100 pounds of feathers?” But unlike gold, bricks are not measured using Troy system, but it also uses Avoirdupois system. So, the answer is both are of the same weight.

What weighs more a feather or a brick?

If stacked/piled up, the bricks would weigh more because more of the bricks are closer to the center of the Earth. However, if we spread them out, the feathers would weigh more, since you can lay the feathers out a lot thinner than the bricks.

Why does a pound of feathers weigh more than a pound of bricks?

Since a they will have the same mass. The only problem will be, you will need more feathers to produce a pound of it, compared to latter, which we will need less to produce a pound of brick. Feather will occupy so much volume while brick will occupy less, since brick is denser, much denser than feathers.

Which weighs more 2 lb of bricks or 2 lb of feathers?

Which weighs more: 2 pounds of bricks or 2 pounds of feathers? Explain. Two pounds of bricks is equal to 2 pounds of feathers. The weight is the same, but the items are different.

Would it hurt more to be hit with 5 pounds of feathers or 5 pounds of bricks?

In the feathers and bricks example the volume of a pound of feathers is far greater than the volume of a pound of bricks so the bricks have a higher density. Drop the pound of feathers on your toes and afterwards the pound of bricks. Whatever hurts the most, has the greatest density.

What's heavier a pound of feathers or a pound of steel?

If the attraction if the two masses is the same, the weight is the same. This is because they both weigh a pound. As the density of steel is much greater than the density of feathers, a pound of feathers would make up a much greater volume.