Who are SC Johnson competitors?

Who are SC Johnson competitors?

Top Competitors of SC Johnson

  • U.S. Nonwovens. 1,200. $565 Million. ...
  • RB. 42,400. $14 Billion. ...
  • The Clorox Company. 8,800. $6 Billion.
  • Procter & Gamble. 99,000. $71 Billion.
  • KIK. 5,000. $1 Billion.
  • Dial. 1,118. $218 Million.
  • Unilever. 155,000. $61 Billion.
  • Godrej Consumer Products. 11,257. $3 Billion.

What is SC Johnson revenue?


What companies did IG Farben become?

Companies including BASF, Bayer and Hoechst (now part of French Sanofi) were formed from the fragments of IG Farben, leaving behind a publically-traded shell company which declared bankruptcy in 2003.

What did IG Farben do?

Farben played so important a role in Hitler's war machine and in the Holocaust that it came to be called ''the devil's chemist. '' It manufactured Zyklon B, the gas-chamber poison, among many other products, and its factories exploited more than 35,000 slave laborers, many from Auschwitz.

What happened at Auschwitz to the Soviet prisoners?

Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp: about 15,000 Soviet POWs who were brought to Auschwitz I for work, only 92 remained alive at the last roll call. About 3,000 more were killed by being shot or gassed immediately after arriving. Out of the first 10,000 brought to work in 1941, 9,000 died in the first five months.

Who owned Zyklon B?

Fritz Haber: Jewish chemist whose work led to Zyklon B. It has been claimed that as many as two out of five humans on the planet today owe their existence to the discoveries made by one brilliant German chemist. Yet this is the same chemist denounced by young German students today as a "murderer".

Did Bayer make poison gas?

The company used slave labor in their their factories and even operated their own concentration camp. There, the company conducted medical experiments on inmates and manufactured poison gas used to kill thousands.