Is Ben and Jerry really bad?

Is Ben and Jerry really bad?

The real health problem with Ben & Jerry's ice cream is the (natural) cream, which is high in saturated fat and promotes heart disease. Eat too much ice cream and other foods that are high in saturated fat year after year and you could have a heart attack--quite naturally.

Why is Cherry Garcia so good?

The flavor combination in Cherry Garcia is unlike anything else, and that's what makes it so good. Don't be afraid of the cherry flavor, it's got a sweet tang that's a lot more low-key than your least favorite cough syrup. Mix that sweetness with the dark chocolate chunks, and it's game over.

Is Cherry Garcia healthy?

Health Benefits of Cherries Cherries are rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals in the body, and help to prevent cancer and heart disease. Additionally, the purple and blue pigments in cherries, called anthocyanins, help reduce pain related to inflammation.

What is the best coffee ice cream?

We Tasted 23 Kinds of Coffee Ice Cream and Rated Them. You're Welcome.
1Agave Dream“Cappucino”
1Three Twins“Milk Coffee
2Bar Gelato“Blue Bottle Coffeeice cream bar
2Strauss CreameryCoffee

Which country eats the most sausages?


What is the most consumed meat in the world 2020?

Pork is the most widely eaten meat in the world accounting for over 36% of the world meat intake. It is followed by poultry and beef with about 35% and 22% respectively.

Why are sausages called bangers?

The term bangers supposedly originated during World War I, when meat shortages resulted in sausages' being made with a number of fillers, notably water, that caused them to explode when cooked.