Are black hole mass and velocity dispersion correlated in elliptical galaxies?

Are black hole mass and velocity dispersion correlated in elliptical galaxies?

Correlations Between Supermassive Black Holes, Velocity Dispersions, and Mass Deficits in Elliptical Galaxies with Cores. ... All three correlations have scatter similar to or smaller than the scatter in the well known correlation between MBH and sigma.

Who is the owner of BH photo?

Herman Schreiber

Is BH Photo good?

B&H Photo enjoys an average rating of 5-out-of-5 stars for service, value, shipping, returns and quality on Sitejabber, a leading destination for customer ratings and business reviews.

Are B&H products new?

The B&H rep confirmed that they indeed sometimes sell like new, used equipment as new.

Does B and H price match?

B&H, a photography and video equipment retailer, does price match, according to the company's About Us page. ... If you find a lower price on the exact same item, you can send the link to a customer service representative via B&H Live Chat or relay the information over the phone by calling B&H at (800) 606-6969.

Does BH price match Amazon?

From what i know B&H sometimes does pricematch reputable vendors. It's not automatic though and is not guaranteed. Sales people have to call a department that's in charge of pricing and they may or may not authorize the pricematch. They won't match Amazon and non-mainstream vendors.

Does BH give student discounts?

Whether you're a student enrolled in a U.S. based college, art school or another college-level accredited learning institution, the B&H EDU Advantage program offers discounts on all the educational equipment you need. ... We also offer discounts to college educators and teachers.

How can I get a discount at B&H?

B&H Savings Tips B&H provides a Deal Zone that offers heavily discounted closeout products, and you can sign up for email alerts as well. If you are a federal employee, you can receive competitive discounts after registering with your Federal ID at the Government, Education, and Corporation's website.

What does B&H special order mean?

Be angry all you want

What does it mean if my UNiDAYS account is restricted?

It means that your institution does not meet our current requirements.

How do I use my student discount on Schuh website?

How to use a schuh promo code

  1. Once you've copied a promo code, head to to shop.
  2. Select your shoes and the size you need, then add then to your basket.
  3. Click the 'Student discount/Promo code' button on the next page.
  4. Enter yours and complete the checkout process with your savings!

What does more on the way mean?

when amazon are selling products and stocks are getting low there is a message “more on the way” and you can reserve them before they arrive. ... Either an item shows as in stock or doesn't show at all (unless of course you are Amazon). Sensible thing to do is to get it in stock just as soon as it arrives.

Will Amazon price match itself?

Most likely, it's happened to just about everyone who buys something on Amazon. So many in fact, that Amazon had to change its policy regarding price changes from 30 days down to 7 days. So right now if the price changes, you can only get the refund if it's within one week of your purchase date.

Does Best Buy price match with Apple?

While we are typically able to process price matches with the Apple Store, we are unable to match prices that are only available to select customers. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions we can help with!

What is Best Buy's policy on price matching?

Best Buy's Price Match Guarantee states that a product could be eligible for a price reduction if it's identical to the competitor's product, immediately available at the competitor's store or on its site, and not shown on Best Buy's exclusion list (which includes “items for sale the Sunday before Thanksgiving Day ...

Can you haggle Best Buy?

Open Box Products Offer Great Chance to Negotiate But they don't always sell quickly. So whenever you see a floor model for sale, consider it an opportunity to negotiate an even lower price. As a general rule of thumb start at 25% and be prepared to meet in the middle.

Will Best Buy price match cell phones?

Under our Price Match Guarantee, online retailers cannot be price matched when it comes to contract cell phones. In addition, we can only match our own price after the time of purchase, and not other retailers.

How can I get a discount at Best Buy?

11 Ways to Get the Best Deals at Best Buy

  1. Utilize the Best Buy Price Match Policy. ...
  2. Score Big Savings on Open-Box Deals. ...
  3. Sign Up for Rewards. ...
  4. Keep Your Receipts. ...
  5. Avoid Shipping Fees. ...
  6. Consider Geek Squad Services. ...
  7. Shop the Store's Online Outlet. ...
  8. Access Exclusive Discounts.

What is best buys employee discount?

The Best Buy employee discount pays 5% above Best Buy's cost for items. The Best Buy employee discount is seriously the most awesome one in the industry: Employees' pay cost plus 5%. “Cost” is what Best Buy pays the manufacturer. Depending on the item, the markup can be significant — think 50% or more!

Does Best Buy offer senior discount?

Short Answer: Best Buy does not offer a senior discount. You can, however, save at Best Buy through its rewards program. For more information on the Best Buy senior discount policy, see below.

Is Best Buy Free Shipping?

Best Buy offers free shipping on select orders totalling $35 or more. There's no promo code; shipping charges will be waived at checkout. However, it's important to remember the $35 order total is before taxes and after coupons.

How much is Best Buy delivery fee?

Free standard shipping on orders $35 and up. The $35 order total is after coupons and before taxes, and does not include select digital downloads, e-gift cards, special orders, scheduled delivery items, and any items canceled or removed from the order.

Is it worth shipping a TV?

Never ship a tv. Not worth the hassle. ... You can pay the extra cost of having the UPS Store package it for you - which means if it does get broken, you will be reimbursed for all shipping/packing costs and the dollar amount you insured the TV for. (Insurance costs $2 per $100 value.)

What company delivers for Best Buy?

We use these major carriers to ship our items: UPS, FedEx and USPS. In select areas we may also use these carriers to ship your items: OnTrac, Lone Star Overnight (LSO), Deliv, and Geodis.