What is the difference between Tokyo subway and metro?

What is the difference between Tokyo subway and metro?

The subway system in Tokyo is divided into two companies: the Tokyo Metro and the Toei Subway. ... The Toei Subway, for instance, has the Asakusa line, which takes you to Skytree and Asakusa. The metro, though, goes to Omotesando. So it's really all a matter of convenience.

Is Tokyo subway expensive?

Tokyo Metro fares range from 170 to 320 yen depending on how far you travel. A one day pass for unlimited use of Tokyo Metro on one calendar day is available for 600 yen.

Is the Tokyo subway 24 hours?

Tokyo Subway Times Most subway lines in Tokyo start at around 5 am and last trains depart at around midnight.

Where can I buy a 3 day Metro pass in Tokyo?

Places to buy Tokyo Subway Day Passes In Tokyo, passes can be purchased from Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, at designated hotels, or the list of vendors below. Tickets can be purchased prior to travel with designated travel agencies.

What is Tokyo Metro pass?

The Tokyo Metro All-line Pass allows you to take unlimited rides on all Tokyo Metro lines as long as the pass is valid. (A magnetic railway pass can be used by whoever possesses the card, while a PASMO card pass can only be used by the person registered on the card.)

How much is a bus pass in Tokyo?

For a period of one day, the pass can be used as many times as you like on Toei buses within Tokyo's 23 cities....Toei Bus One-Day Pass.
FareAdults 500 yen / Children 250 yen
Validity1 day

How do you pay for buses in Tokyo?

The bus fare can be in cash or by IC card. However using an IC card is more economical because fares are slightly discounted. You can get an IC card made for you easily and quickly at any train station, and it can be used for both the train and bus, and also when shopping.

How do you use public transport in Tokyo?

The Takeaway

  1. Subways and trains are the best way to get around Tokyo.
  2. A prepaid Suica or Pasmo card is the BEST way to pay for transport.
  3. You can buy a Suica card online at Voyagin.com for pickup at the airport.
  4. Taxis are excellent but rather expensive.
  5. Buses aren't recommended for short-term visitors.

How long does Suica card last?

The Welcome Suica can be used for 28 days beginning with the date of purchase, no deposit necessary.

Which is better Suica or Pasmo?

The only difference between PASMO and SUICA is who sells them. SUICA is from JR East, and PASMO is from Tokyo-area non-JR rail operators, including Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway. Wherever you can use SUICA, you can use PASMO, and vice versa. ... The PASMO card, which is issued by Tokyo Metro, can be used to store day-passes.

How much is a Suica card in Japan?

The cost of the card itself is 500 yen and is a deposit. Go to the JR East Green Service Counter, also known as "Midori no Madoguchi", to get your deposit back by returning your Suica.

Can I use Suica in Yokohama?

Which lines can I use with SUICA, Pasmo, ICOCA cards? Prepaid IC cards can now be used for all JR lines in Japan, for the subway in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sendai, Yokohama, etc., and for all private railway lines around Japan.

What is the difference between Icoca and Suica?

Suica is the prepaid IC card by JR East for JR trains in the Greater Tokyo, Niigata and Sendai regions. ... Icoca is the prepaid IC card of JR West for JR trains in the Kansai (incl. Osaka and Kyoto), Chugoku and Hokuriku regions.

How do I get a welcome Suica card?

The Welcome Suica can be purchased at the JR East Travel Center located in major JR stations in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, as well as at Narita Airport and Haneda Airport, or from Welcome Suica-dedicated vending machines at Narita Airport Terminal 1, or at the Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport International Terminal ...