Can you go to Santa Monica College for free?

Can you go to Santa Monica College for free?

SMC Promise Program: Free Tuition for New, Full-Time Students. First-time, full-time, first-year FREE! If you graduated from high school anywhere in California, you're eligible for free enrollment in classes, free Student ID card, free Associated Students membership, and free health fee!

What GPA is required for Pasadena City College?


Is 11 units full time?

FAQS / How many units do I have to take to be considered a full-time or part-time student? For the Fall and Spring semesters, a full-time study load is 12 units. ... A student may not carry more than 18 units during the Fall and Spring semesters without special permission.

How much does a credit cost at PCC?

Tuition for residents is $123 per credit. Most classes are 1 to 4 credits each.

What is Pasadena City College acceptance rate?


How many classes do you take at USC?

How many courses do I have to take as an international student? The standard full-time workload at USC consists of four courses per semester/trimester or two courses per session. You will also be considered a full-time student if you are only enrolled in three...

How many classes can you take per semester at USC?

16 units

What is an admin fee for?

The administration fee The admin fee is the fee you pay for the landlord or agent taking the time to do your application all while holding the apartment off the market.

How much is a admin fee?

What are they? Admin fees are charged to buyers and sellers at closing. They vary from $150 to probably $700.

Can you charge an admin fee?

Companies CAN still charge you a booking or admin fee as long as it applies to other forms of payment, and you can still be charged if you use a business credit or business debit card.

Can I charge a fee for accepting credit cards?

Credit card surcharges Surcharges are legal unless restricted by state law. ... If merchants add a surcharge, they must decide to add them at the brand or product level — but not both. A brand level surcharge adds the same fee to all credit card transactions from the same payment network, such as Visa or Mastercard.