How do you get the treasure in Driftwood arena?

How do you get the treasure in Driftwood arena?

Treasure could be reached through a hatch nearby. Your path to the treasures is first blocked by a petrified door. Treasure is in a room with leaking gases that petrifies anyone who comes in contact and kills within few seconds. Quest Log Entry- Arran granted the new champion a key that will unlock some treasure.

How do I break the shackles of pain Divinity 2?

Shackles of Pain trivia & strategies

  1. Dispelled by Cryogenic Stasis or Sebille's special skill, Break the Shackles.
  2. The A.I will usually avoid attacking you if you have activated this spell. ...
  3. You can hurt enemies trough drinking poison (or healing potions if you're undead or decayed) with this ability.

What happens if you yield to your God Divinity 2?

At this point, you are given the option to "give yourself" to your god, or refuse. If you choose to "give yourself", your god will rip out your source and your character will instantly die, but combat will still be initiated with the rest of your party members.

How do you remove a source collar?

At this point, head out of the arena and look for Nebora, a woman near several Blacksmith tools in the Fort Joy area. Speak with this woman to confirm that you are the champion of Fort Joy's arena, and then she'll remove the Source Collar from your personal character.

Who can remove source collar?


Do Source points regenerate?

Remember that, in the beginning of the game, your characters have access to only one Source Point - this means that some of the abilities won't be available and you will have to regenerate that point after each use.

Where is Erma?

Erma, New Jersey
CountryUnited States
StateNew Jersey
CountyCape May

Can Migo save?

Migo is actually the father of Magister Yarrow. Give him a Yarrow flower to get his ring. ... If you give the ring to Yarrow, she will run to the beach where Migo is (or his corpse if you killed him). She can then be killed to retrieve the ring from her corpse.

Is Erma dead dos2?

Speak to her and agree to help find her daughter and also take the teddy bear. Do not speak to her as an elf, she won't let you help. If you speak to Jeth, the NPC next to her, he will suggest that Erma is actually dead. Speak with Fara again and confront her about her daughter being dead.

How do you get into the Braccus Rex vault?

Read the Journal and travel to Dark Cavern which is located all the way to the southeast of the island, and you must escape Fort Joy and pass through the Hollow Marshes to get there. Talk to Trompdoy and then head to his left across the illusionary bridge which you cannot see behind the illusory crates.

Should you break Trompdoy soul jar?

breaking or consuming a soul jar will kill the NPC whose soul it contains. trompdoy never appears again in game after you finish his dungeon, so you can do whatever you like with his jar and it makes no difference. ... the necromancers will just die offscreen if you break the jars before getting to the maze iirc.

Should you kill Trompdoy?

While exploring, a skeleton named Trompdoy will appear and harass you. Be calm, don't kill him yet.

Should I kill Gratiana?

Gratiana character in the game is practically the same monster as Braccus Rex's, so anyone half decent morally casual gamer absolutely should kill her : smash her soul jar in front of her (this also gives more experience points). She's useless anyway and don't appears in the game after act 1.

What happens if you absorb soul jars?

Ending 2: Absorb their energy If you use the soul jars, you will absorb the energy of the undead.

How do you destroy a soul jar?

Take the jar and talk to Gratiana in the Sanctuary of Amadia. Other 3 soul jars belong to necromancers held inside Braccus Rex tower. Destroying the jar kills them and completes the mission 'A fate worse than death'.

Can you recharge purging wand?

Purging Wands have four charges. Speak with Gratiana to restore them. Once past the first act, there will be no means to recharge them, though more wands are available when players step foot in the Nameless Isle.

Where can I get more purging wands?

During The Purged Dragon, a purging wand can be looted from Radeka the Witch. The helm from Artefacts of the Tyrant has a skill that allows source vampirism. During The Vault of Braccus Rex, a purging wand can be looted from the vault.

Where do I charge my purging wand?

Re: How do i recharge Purged want? Gratiana in the Sanctuary of Amadia will recharge the wands for you.

Where can I buy a purging wand?

There are three "purging wands" in Fort Joy.

  • Radeka's Purging Wand which can be traded to Slane for his assistance (4 uses can be recharged by Gratiana)
  • The Purging Wand in Braccus' Vault (4 uses can be recharged by Gratiana)

How do I get free Slane?

Slane the Winter Dragon

  1. Upon first encountering Slane you will find him bound to the ground by a set of chains, which can be destroyed through attacking them. ...
  2. After some dialogue you will be asked to retrieve the Witch's purging wand, as it is the only way to free the dragon of it's souls captivity.

Where is radeka the witch?

the Skull Cave

Does source vampirism kill shriekers?

Character is invulnerable to regular damage. However, they can be destroyed by Source Vampirism. Shriekers can be killed if you use flay skin and have another party member quickly attack the shrieker.

How do I get Bless Divinity 2?

Bless Spell Book Location The characters learn this skill after clearing the Dark Cavern or Braccus Rex's Tower and visiting the Hall of Echoes for the first time.

What happens if you kiss radeka the witch?

You can teleport her to middle of the team and surround her. She is not very good at melee combat. Beware of her Shackles of Pain skill. The dialogue option to hold and kiss her ultimately still leads to the party entering battle.

Where is the purging wand in Fort joy?

Choice 2: Radeka's Purging Wand She lives in Skull Cave [4]. Her cave is full of traps and the witch isn't that cooperative so you will have to fight her. After the fight you can take Purging Wand. If you chose this option then you can give this weapon to a dragon called Slane [5].