What are the major elements of Buddhism?

What are the major elements of Buddhism?

Buddhism. In Buddhism, the four Great Elements (Pali: cattāro mahābhūtāni) are earth, water, fire and air.

What is the weakest form of bending?

Air bending

Which is the most powerful bending?


Is Korra more powerful than Aang?

Korra flat out had much more experience and years to hone her craft while Aang was forced to learn as quickly as possible. It worked out for him in the end, but Korra was still stronger.

Can Aang take away bending?

The bending Aang used to take away the Ozai's bending was called Energy Bending. Aang learned this ability from a lion turtle. We find out like in LOK you can with energy bending use it to give bending to people that lost bending abilities and also can bend energy away like spirit vine energy.

Can the avatar give non benders bending?

No Avatar has show the ability of giving a non-bender the ability to bend the elements.

Does Aang take away Azula's bending?

In the end Azula was defeated even with her bending, so Aang didn't need to take hers. Also even though he did took banding more than once and was considered it on it other times, taking someone's bending is properly an ultimate ratio.