What is the good name for boy?

What is the good name for boy?

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Which name is best for boy Buddhist?

Buddhist Names for Boys

  • Akkrum - Hindu boy name for Lord Buddha.
  • An - Peace; Peace of Being At Home; Peaceful.
  • Anzan - Quiet Mountain.
  • Ashwaghosh - Name of a Buddhist philosopher.
  • Atid - Thai, The Sun.
  • Baika - Plum Blossom.
  • Bankei - Ten Thousand Blessings.
  • Banko - Everlasting.

Can Dharma be a boys name?

Dharma is a boy's name of Indian origin.

What is the another name of Lord Buddha?

The clan name of the historical figure referred to as the Buddha (whose life is known largely through legend) was Gautama (in Sanskrit) or Gotama (in Pali), and his given name was Siddhartha (Sanskrit: “he who achieves his aim”) or Siddhattha (in Pali).

How many names of Buddha are there?

Six Buddhas of the past are represented, together with the current Buddha, Gautama Buddha, with his Bodhi Tree (at the extreme right)....The 29 Buddhas of Theravāda.
Pāli nameGotama (current)
Sanskrit nameGautama (current)
ParentsKing Suddhodana and Māyā

How do I choose a religion?

Include only your opinions about the different religions. Religion is a very personal matter, so trust in what you believe yourself. Truly think about which you believe to have the most merit, the most truth. Think about which religion makes you feel the best, and the one you understand.