Who is the owner of Aamby Valley?

Who is the owner of Aamby Valley?

Honourable Saharasri ji

Did Sahara return the money?

Sahara says it has returned Rs 3,226 cr, promises to pay off all depositors. The Sahara group has broken its silence and said it re-paid Rs 3,226 crore in the last 75 days to its depositors. and said it would repay every depositor.

Is Aamby Valley profitable?

In 2018-19, the last year for which financial numbers are available, Aamby Valley Ltd made a consolidated loss of Rs 994 crore compared to a loss of Rs 1,133 crore a year earlier. Its total income came down to Rs 958 crore in 2018-19 from Rs 1,530 crore a year ago.

Is entry allowed in Lavasa?

As the hill town is not a gated city, there is no entry fee for Lavasa City. Thus, you can explore the planned city with breathtaking views anytime.

How much does a trip to Lavasa cost?

Lavasa Tour Packages
Lavasa PackagesDay/NightPrice
A Family Getaway in Lavasa Packages3 Days/2 NightsRs 10857
Short Getaway to a Lakeside Retreat at Lavasa Packages3 Days/2 NightsRs 16768
Relaxed Family Vacation in Lavasa Packages3 Days/2 NightsRs 10697
Italy of India - Lavasa - From Pune Packages3 Days/2 NightsRs 11620

What are the places to visit in Lavasa?

Visit These Amazing Places In Lavasa For A Memorable Vacation In The Italian Themed Town

  • The Promenade.
  • Lakeshore Watersports.
  • Tikona Fort.
  • Vortex Splash Pad.
  • Varasgaon Dam.
  • The Lake.
  • Temghar Dam.
  • Ghangad Fort.

Which river flows in Lavasa?

Location: It is located on the Mosel River, which is just 6.

Is Lavasa lake artificial?

Lavasa, India's first smart city is a popular attraction to visit any time of the year but more so in the monsoon. This planned city is just a four-hour drive away from Mumbai and has an artificial lake. Lavasa is surrounded by hills and has many activities for tourists.

How far is Lonavala from imagica?

24 Kms

How far is lavasa from Lonavala?

114 Kms

How far is Mumbai from Alibaug?

96 Kms