How do you hang a closet rod from the ceiling?

How do you hang a closet rod from the ceiling?

Draw a straight line on the ceiling at right angles to the joists using a yardstick or straightedge tool as your guide. Make the line the length of the closet rod you purchased for the project. Put the line at least 12 inches from the back wall of the closet to allow room to hang clothes hangers on the clothes rod.

How far from ceiling should closet rod be?

A typical closet can include two levels of hanging rods. As a rule, place the top rod 80 to 82-inches up from the floor and the bottom rod about 40-inches up from the floor. For a single rod application, plan 60-inches from the floor for placement.

How much space should be between shelf and closet rod?

A minimum of 10 inches is best, but it'll depend on the size of your hangers. If there is a shelf above the rod, determine the vertical distance from the rod to the shelf; two inches should be suffice.

What is the height of a double closet rod?

If installing a double-rod closet system, mount the top rod 81-¾ inches above the floor and the lower rod 40-½ inches above the floor.

What is standard shelf height?

Shelf depth for a general purpose bookshelf is usually 10 to 12 inches. Shelf spacing will generally range from 7 to 15 inches with 8 to 12 inches being common for bookshelves....Contact Us.
Storage ItemSpacingDepth
Children's Books8"8"
Small Paperbacks8"8"
General Reading10"10"

How much space do you need between floating shelves?

12 inches

What is the standard height of wall cabinets?

36 inches tall

Should I put a shelf above my bed?

By hanging up some wall shelves or floating shelves above your bed you can help arrange and store a lot more things in your room, all in a way that takes up much less floor space and isn't as hard to set up as something like a new dresser.

Is it safe to hang pictures above a bed?

One of those precautions is to never hang heavy items above my bed. ... If you have a queen- or king-sized bed it may be tempting to mount a large picture to fill the space. You are still welcome to do that, just make sure that picture won't hurt you if it lands on you in the middle of the night.

Are Floating shelves dangerous?

Floating Shelves and Storage The risk: If these bookshelves and dressers are not properly anchored, they can pose a serious safety hazard. ... Bottom line: If you choose “floating” fixtures, pay attention to anchoring instructions. Failing to do so could lead to injury of your family or your guests.