How do you use the word weird?

How do you use the word weird?

Weird sentence example

  1. It's weird talking to him. ...
  2. Something weird going on here. ...
  3. It's like I was in this weird dream. ...
  4. Something weird is going on up there. ...
  5. Just when she thought things were weird enough, Toby had started to talk to her. ...
  6. This has to be some weird nightmare. ...
  7. Life got real weird , real fast.

When someone says you're weird in a good way?

A person who's telling you that you're weird in a good way? S/he's telling you that you stand out from the crowd. That you're inspiring, or at least memorable, because you're not a grey mouse trying to blend in with the rest of the grey mice, but that you are you, and that they think that's a good thing.

Why do people say you are weird?

Have you ever been called “weird?” What exactly does that mean? Usually when someone refers to you as weird, it conjures up negative feelings. You are being told that you are odd, different and that you don't fit the conventional norms of the day.

Why You Should Date a weirdo?

Every single thing that the weirdos do tend to be out of your thought or even the one you never imagine. If you love that kind of surprise, you should date them right away. ... Without you even notice, dating the weirdo can help you learn yourself better. Like you can completely be abnormal when there is no one around.

Is being a weirdo good?

People often called someone that do something out of the ordinary, wheter it is good and much simpler and easier, a weirdo. If you are different from the other do not mean that you are bad, you just do it differently (your way). As long you are not harm or harass or made everyone discomfort, it is good.

What is weirdo syndrome?

The Weirdo Syndrome is the love/hate relationship some people have with their own uniqueness. If you simultaneously want to be a part of the crowd but know you're at your best when you're not, you've got the Weirdo Syndrome.

How do I know if Im weird?

Here are some things that may earn someone a negative "weird" label:

  • Simply being too different from the norm in some way. ...
  • Having an odd sense of humor. ...
  • Any kind of social awkwardness. ...
  • Acting hyper and childish. ...
  • Doing things just to amuse yourself. ...
  • Having too many esoteric thoughts, knowledge, and experiences in your head.

What does kooky mean in English?

crazy, offbeat

Is Kooky an insult?

Kooky isn't a strong word. It doesn't have a powerful meaning. For example, if you told your mother she's acting kooky, she probably wouldn't be insulted. However, if you said that she was crazy, she probably wouldn't be happy.

Where does the term kooky come from?

The word comes from kooky, "strange," probably stemming from cuckoo, which is a type of bird but also slang for "mad or insane person."

Where did the term kooky come from?

Duke Kahanamoku (1890–1968), a Native Hawaiian who popularized the ancient Hawaiian sport of surfing, in a 1911–1915 photograph. A surfer with poor style or skill is said to be “kooky” (sense 2).

What does kooky mean in Urban Dictionary?

crazy, insane, weird, strange

What's another word for kooky?

What is another word for kooky?

Is Cooky a word?

COOKY is a valid scrabble word.

What does brooding mean?

1 : moodily or sullenly thoughtful or serious a brooding genius a brooding, embittered man. 2 : darkly somber a brooding landscape a quiet, brooding atmosphere …