When should you start an indoor garden?

When should you start an indoor garden?

When to Start Seeds Indoors As a general rule, most annual vegetables should be sown indoors about six weeks before the last frost in your area. See local frost dates.

When should I buy seeds for next year?

It's never too early to order seeds for your spring vegetable garden. The best time to order garden seeds is in late fall and or at least by early winter. I usually wait too long to place my seed order - I'm a great procrastinator - only to find out that the seeds I want are already out of stock.

Is it better to buy plants or seeds?

buying plants can be more cost effective. You can save your own seed or start your own indoor transplants with purchased seed. Again, varieties that need a long season to fruit are ideal as self-started transplants.

Can I buy flower seeds now for next year?

If you store the seeds properly, they should remain viable for at least one year; some seeds remain usable even longer. Follow these tips when storing leftover seeds to ensure they produce healthy plants next spring.

Where is the best place to buy vegetable seeds?

7 Best Places to Buy Vegetable Seeds Online

  • Hudson Valley Seed Co. At Hudson Valley Seed Co, every seed is open pollinated and never GMO, with many heirloom and organic options. ...
  • Johnny's Selected Seeds. ...
  • Seedville USA. ...
  • Burpee. ...
  • Terrain. ...
  • Plant Good Seed Company. ...
  • Native Seeds/S.E.A.R.C.H.

Are seeds from Home Depot good?

If you are just a beginner then department store seeds are fine, don't worry about quality issues.

When should I start planting seeds outside?

In the North, sow from early spring through summer. Allow at least 4 months from sowing till first killing frost, so plants will have time to grow big enough to endure winter weather. In the South, sow seeds that require cool germination temperatures in spring or fall. Seeds sown in hot weather may need shading.

What happens if you put too many seeds in a hole?

Generally if you plant multiple seeds into a hole, if both plants grow out you will have to cut, kill or transplant the secondary (usually weaker) plant.

How many seeds do I need to start indoors?

While you learn how seed starting works, indoor sow no more than a couple dozen plants in three or four varieties. It's not complicated or difficult once you understand the process, but it's best to start small so you don't get overwhelmed at first.

Can you grow seeds in egg cartons?

Egg cartons Cardboard egg cartons can be used to start a dozen seedlings, and then cut apart to plant each one when it's time to plant them in the garden. As with newspaper seedling pots, there's no need to remove the plants from the pots before planting, as the cardboard will break down in the soil as the plant grows.

How many tomato seeds do you plant per hole?

two seeds

How long does it take for tomatoes to grow from seeds?

about six to eight weeks

Can you plant two tomato plants in the same hole?

Tomatoes planted too closely together may be more likely to develop problems, such as: Disease – A lot of plant diseases flourish on moist leaves. If tomatoes are planted so closely together that sunlight and air can't dry out the leaves, the plants will be more likely to develop harmful diseases.

How many tomato plants should I plant?

Planting a vegetable garden for a family
Crop (number of plants per ft. of row)Number of plants per person
Radish (thin to 12 plants/ft. of row)10-15 plants
Spinach (Thin to 6 plants/ft. of row)30-60 plants
Squash (1 plant/6 ft. of row)1-2 plants
Tomato (1 plant/2 ft. of row)2-4 plants