What is the thickest line in the drawing?

What is the thickest line in the drawing?

cutting plane line

What are object lines in technical drawing?

Object lines (Figure 3) are the most common lines used in drawings. These thick, solid lines show the visible edges, corners, and surfaces of a part. Object lines stand out on the drawing and clearly define the outline and features of the object.

What are the types of line symbols?

Text symbolMeaningCopy and Paste
light horizontal lineCopy
heavy horizontal lineCopy
light vertical lineCopy
heavy vertical lineCopy

What is a line symbol?

Line symbols are used to draw linear features and graphics in maps, scenes and layouts. ... Line symbols typically contain one or more stroke symbol layers. Line symbols can also include marker symbol layers, to draw markers along their length or at the endpoints.

How do I make straight lines in text?

How to Get a Straight Line on a Keyboard

  1. Press and hold the "Shift" key, then press and hold the hyphen "-" key, located two keys to the left of "Backspace" on a PC or "Delete" on a Mac. ...
  2. Press the "-" key repeatedly to create a straight, dotted horizontal line.

How do you type a vertical bar?

google said, Shift-\ (“backslash”). German keyboard it is on the left together with < and > and the Alt Gr modifier key must be pressed to get the pipe. Note that depending on the font used, this vertical bar can be displayed as a consecutive line or by a line with a small gap in the middle.

What is a line between words called?

A dash is a horizontal line that shows a pause or break in meaning, or that represents missing words or letters. Note that dashes are rather informal and should be used carefully in writing.

How do I add multiple rows in numbers?

Click the arrow next to one of the selected row numbers or column letters, then choose Add Rows Above or Add Rows Below (or Add Columns Before or Add Columns After).