What plants are in Senegal?

What plants are in Senegal?

Thorn bushes and baobab and acacia trees, including gum arabic trees, are common to this area. Baobab trees can be found growing in many areas of Senegal. Savanna woodlands and dry woodlands are typical in the southern half of Senegal; more than 80 woodland species are found in this area.

Where is Niokolo Koba National Park?


What is the goal of Niokolo Koba National Park?

Covering nearly one million hectares, the Niokolo-Koba National Park is sufficiently vast as to illustrate the major aspects of the Guinean savanna-type ecosystem, and to ensure the survival of species therein.

What are the plants and animals in Senegal?

Most of Senegal is savanna. Trees, which are widely spaced in this region, include the African locust bean, tallow tree, and gingerbread plum, along with cassias and acacias. The lion and leopard are occasionally found in the northeast, as are chimpanzees, elephants, hippopotamuses, and buffalo.

What type of wildlife dot the Sahel?

AnimalsCamels, Horses
Bird speciesMigratory birds
Mammal speciesOryx, Gazelles, African buffalo