Is there an app to design your backyard?

Is there an app to design your backyard?

With iScape, you can create a digital model of your home's yard. Feature your favorite plants, so you can see the design before digging at all." "It is user friendly and has features that include a virtual pen, the ability to insert objects and more. This is considered one of the best landscape design apps."

How much is a backyard oasis?

How much does a backyard oasis cost?
LandscapingAverage Cost
Per Square Foot$4 – $12 per square foot
Per Hour$50 – $100 per hour
New Installation$3,000 – $15,950

How much does a luxury backyard cost?

Backyard Landscaping Cost
Luxury Outdoor Kitchen$55,000+
Custom-Built Outdoor Fireplace$20,000+
High-End Custom Outdoor Fire Pit$7,000+
Ipe Tropical Hardwood Deck$23 - $30 per square foot

How much does it cost to hardscape backyard?

Solid Hardscape: $15 to $50 per square foot. The cost of concrete or stone patios, pool decks, walkways or driveways depends largely on the finish of the concrete or the type of stone used. Retaining Walls: $50 to $150 per square foot.