Who won Godzilla or Kong?

Who won Godzilla or Kong?

Kong was alive, but humbled, as Godzilla swam away. Obviously, Godzilla won round 1. The movie itself splits the second round — the fight in Hong Kong at the end — in half, but I don't like that.

Does Kong Die 2021?

In the final face-off in Hong Kong, Godzilla and Kong's duel is more evenly matched, thanks to a Hollow Earth axe that the ape wields. But Godzilla still overpowers Kong, slashes his chest its claws and stomps on him. But he doesn't finish him; instead, Godzilla leaves a dying Kong.

Does Kong beat Godzilla 2021?

In their second and final fight in Hong Kong, Godzilla defeated Kong, despite the fact that Dr. ... Godzilla remains the King of the Monsters on the surface, while Kong is now the King of the Hollow Earth in the subterranean world. This way, they can both coexist as Alpha Titans in separate worlds.

Who dies in Godzilla vs Kong 2021?

Deaths on Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)
LocationVictimCause of Death
Hong Kong's Apex CyberneticsWalter SimmonsCrushed
The Ghidorah's left head skull in Apex Cybernetics Hong KongRen SerizawaKilled by electrical error in the skull
Hong KongMechagodzillaDestroyed by Kong's battle axe

Who is Godzilla's arch nemesis?

King Ghidorah