What happened to Chris Watts girlfriend?

What happened to Chris Watts girlfriend?

Chris Watts' Girlfriend, Nichol Kessinger, Disappeared After He Was Charged With Murder. In 2019, Colorado man Chris Watts confessed to killing his pregnant wife, Shanann Watts, and their two daughters, Celeste and Bella in August 2018.

Who was Chris Watts new girlfriend?

Nichol Kessinger's

Did Chris Watts put his daughters in oil alive?

DERANGED murderer Chris Watts admitted that he smothered his two daughters to death before dumping their bodies in oil tanks. He also admitted to killing his pregnant wife Shanann Watts in the same fashion before tossing her body in a shallow grave.

Did Chris Watts kill his daughters twice?

Chris Watts is a Colorado man who murdered his pregnant wife and two young daughters in August 2018.

Was Chris Watts a narcissist?

Chris Watts, the Colorado father who killed his entire family with his bare hands, is a malignant narcissist and psychopath, according to an criminal expert. “The hallmark is that they don't feel remorse or empathy,” Candice DeLong, a former FBI criminal profiler and criminologist, said on Tuesday's episode of "Dr.

How did Chris Watts Get daughters into oil tank?

He told investigators that his daughter was a "smart girl" who "knew what was going on." Watts loaded his dead wife's body onto the floorboard of his pickup truck and buckled his two daughters into the backseat. They were both carrying blankets and his 3-year-old, Celeste, was holding a stuffed animal.

Why Chris Watts killed his daughters?

During an appearance on Dr. Phil, the lawyer for Shannan Watts' family said that he killed Shannan after an argument regarding divorce. That's when one of his daughters walked in, where he claimed Shannan was sick. ... After this, he smothered his daughters with a blanket he kept in there.

Is Chris Watts in jail?

Watts, who turned 36 on Sunday, is at a maximum security prison in Wisconsin and, according to a regular contact, is an “outcast” among the inmates, and avoided by staff. ... "He's on the lowest social tier of the entire prison. He's in protective custody because if he's around other inmates, he'd be in real danger.

Why did Chris Watts kill his wife?

During the investigation, he claimed Shanann had strangled the girls in response to his request for separation and that he had then strangled her in a fit of rage and transported the bodies to a remote oil-storage site leased by his employer, Anadarko Petroleum.

What was Shanann Watts sons name?

Bella Watts

What nationality was Shanann Watts?


Was Bella Watts still alive?

Deceased (2013–2018)

Who is Shanann watts mother?

Sandra Rzucek

Where do Shanann Watts parents live in NC?

She married Christopher Watts in Mecklenburg County in 2012, reported the Charlotte Observer. Her parents, Frank and Sandra Rzucek, live in the Moore County town of Aberdeen, six miles from Pinehurst, the Observer said. “She was our pride and joy, a true gift from God,” the family says in Watts' obituary.

Where did Shanann watts visit in North Carolina?

The vacation apparently included a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where Michele Greer, of Fayetteville, told CBS17, in Raleigh, that she, her husband and their own three sons ran into the Watts family.

What high school did Shanann Watts go to?

Shannan was raised in Aberdeen and attended Pinecrest High School in Southern Pines. The couple met in North Carolina before moving to Colorado to raise their daughters. Shanann was dropped off at her home around 2 a.m. on August 13 after returning from a work trip in Arizona.

Where did Shanann and Chris Watts live?

It has been more than two years since Chris Watts did the unthinkable: murdering his pregnant wife and their two daughters in their upscale home in Frederick, Colorado. On Aug, Watts strangled his wife, Shanann, in their 4,177-square-foot home.

When was Bella Watts born?

17 December 2013

Did they find Cece and Bella bodies?

Bella and Celeste were found submerged in crude oil inside two tanks 100 feet away from their mother's grave. Watts went to work at that location just hours after he got rid of the bodies, co-workers have said.