Are the beaches free in Tulum?

Are the beaches free in Tulum?

There are no private beaches in Mexico and it is illegal to block public access to the beach. That said, in Tulum, they make it extremely difficult for the public to access the beach along the hotel zone, so it seems like the only way to get on the beach is to pay a lot of money to one of the beach clubs.

How far is Tulum from the beach?

about 5 KM

Is downtown Tulum safe?

Don't walk on isolated areas of the beach at night. Driving during the daytime is relatively safe, but take caution when driving at night, as some foreign travelers have experienced robbery. That being said, Tulum occasionally sees violent crime, though it's not usually against tourists.

Which is safer Cancun or Tulum?

YES, Tulum is safe. The Riviera Maya and Cancun have come under scrutiny in the press recently for some safety issues regarding gun violence, but these are isolated incidents, which don't usually affect tourists. Tulum is not Cancun and is a lot more laid back, there are no issues here with violent crime.

Can foreigners buy property in Tulum?

Because Non-Mexicans and other foreigners can buy their own Tulum vacation property or Tulum house. And buying a house in Tulum can be a great investment and rewarding for your lifestyle.

How much are property taxes in Tulum?

Though property taxes vary by municipalities, on a $265,000 Tulum home, you can expect to pay about $400 per yearin property taxes. Condo fees vary from community to community but are generally much lower than what you would pay at home. Tulum has fast become one of the world's most fashionable beach destinations.