What do you call a person who lives in the suburbs?

What do you call a person who lives in the suburbs?

suburbanite. noun. someone who lives in a suburb.

What is the advantages of living in the countryside?

Studies show that those who live a rural area are less stressed due to the close proximity to nature, reduced noise, cheaper cost of living, cleaner air and more room to breathe.

Why is it good to live in a rural area?

Not only are rural neighbourhoods quieter and more picturesque, but they're also known for being safer, with less crime, pollution, litter and traffic.

What are the disadvantages of rural societies?

On the negative side, rural areas are often poor and lack the services, employment opportunities, and leisure activities that cities have. Teens often complain of boredom, and drug and alcohol use can be high (Johnson et al., 2008).

What are the advantages of living in a remote area?


  • More privacy. ...
  • You can have a bigger garden. ...
  • You'll be able to own pets you may have always wanted but couldn't have owned in a city or town. ...
  • You'll be closer to the various wildlife of the area and to walks in areas of natural beauty.

What is it like living in suburbs?

A suburb is a residential area located outside a major city, within commuting distance. ... By living in the suburbs, residents can enjoy the perks of the city when they want while enjoying more space for the same (or less) cost and more peace away from the city hustle.