How do you cut homasote?

How do you cut homasote?

All Homasote products may be cut with a circular saw, jig saw or hand saw. Do not use a fine-tooth blade; fiber build-up will reduce cutting efficiencies. The half-inch panels may also be cut with a razor or utility knife.

What is homasote used for?

Homasote has a variety of uses in and around the home. It is ideal for sound control and insulation in walls, ceilings and floors. It makes versatile and decorative bulletin boards. Homasote is lightweight, easy to cut and easy to handle.

Does homasote absorb water?

The homasote absorbs moisture - very important in our cold, long winters.

What is similar to homasote?

Cork, plywood, hardboard, drywall, and foam insulation are common alternatives to Homasote.

Where can I buy Homasote board?

A: Homasote products are available at most lumber and home center locations. Large chains may stock our most popular sizes (1/2", 4' x 8').

Can you burn homasote?

Homasote® is a structural building board and substrate for interior or exterior application, offering constant insulation against air, moisture and noise penetration. It is a UL fire-rated structural building board and UL recognized component in floor protectors and wall shields. Fire Rated N.C.F.R.

Is homasote flammable?

Homasote makes structural building boards designed for use in residential and commercial buildings that require a Class A (25 flame spread) rating. They are UL fire rated; see UL fire resistance directory.)

Is homasote carcinogenic?

The product contains no known hazardous or carcinogenic components.

Can homasote be recycled?

Homasote is paper- based, recyclable and biodegradable.