What does Inspector Gadget say?

What does Inspector Gadget say?

The character always uses his catchphrase—"I'll get you next time, Gadget! Next time!"—at the end of each episode, often to illustrate his desire for revenge against Inspector Gadget.

How old is Talon in Inspector Gadget?

15 year old

Is there a new Inspector Gadget?

Wowsers, Inspector Gadget is making a return. Disney is developing a new live-action take on the 1980s animated series centering on the clumsy cyborg police inspector, hiring Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell, best known as writers on Saturday Night Live, to pen the script.

When did Inspector Gadget end?


How many gadgets does Inspector Gadget have?

14,000 gadgets

Does Inspector Gadget have a gun?

Synopsis. Gadget and Capeman have created Gadzooka, a gun that fires corrosive sour cream pellets.

What gadgets did Inspector Gadget have?


  • Gadget Binoculars: Binoculars lower down out of his hat and over his eyes.
  • Gadget 'Brella: A hand holding an umbrella that comes out of his hat. ...
  • Gadget Coat / Gadget Airbag: His trench coat inflates when he pulls one of its buttons and enables him to float — in water or in the sky.

What kind of hat does Inspector Gadget wear?

The cartoon character Inspector Gadget wears a trilby hat.

What does Dr Claw look like in Inspector Gadget?

This version of Claw has a muscular body and a square-shaped head. His face is usually hidden in shadow with only his glowing yellow eyes visible, but in "The Weather Machine," the outlines of his nose and mouth are visible. In the iPhone game Inspector Gadget's M.A.D Dash as an unlockable puzzle.

How did Inspector Gadget become?

The accident deformed him, warped his brain, and made him see things differently. Once he discovered that they had replaced him with a robot doppelganger, he swore to destroy it no matter what it took. They had taken his life away and replaced it with a robot that they now call Inspector Gadget.

What was Dr claws cats name?


What kind of cat is mad cat?

Persian cat

Who did Dr Claw's voice?

Frank WelkerInspector Gadget

Is Chief Quimby a claw?

Claw. In every episode, Quimby gives Gadget a self-destructing message describing his mission. And in every episode, Gadget throws the message back to Quimby, just in time for it to blow up in his face.

What was Inspector Gadget's dog?


What breed of dog is brain from Inspector Gadget?

Beagle-greyhound mix

Where does Inspector Gadget take place?


Did Steve Carell play Inspector Gadget?

Steve Carell Carell, an electrical engineer. ... INSPECTOR GADGET - Bubbling spy based on TV GET SMART agent 86 character (Also played by Steve in Get Smart 2008). Works for the Chief and Fights against MAD with the help of his niece Penny and her genius dog Brain.

How long is Inspector Gadget?

1h 50m

What kind of car is the gadget mobile?

Lincoln Continental convertible

Who is the voice of the gadget mobile?

D. L. HughleyInspector Gadget

Who is the little girl in Inspector Gadget?

Hailey Harper

Who is the voice of Dr Claw on Inspector Gadget?

Frank WelkerInspector Gadget