How many people have swum across Cook Strait?

How many people have swum across Cook Strait?

There have been 69 successful swims by 59 individuals - 28 men and 31 women. First successful swim: Barrie Devenport, 11 hours 20 minutes, Novem.

Can you swim between North and South Island NZ?

Marathon swimming Cook Strait is between the North and South islands and is 22.

Can you drive between North and South Island NZ?

Can you drive from North to South in New Zealand? Fancy a road trip between islands? Unfortunately, there is no bridge or tunnel connecting the islands, the distance is too great. However, there is an Interislander Ferry or Bluebridge Cook Strait car ferry that you can hop aboard.

How much is the ferry between North and South Island New Zealand?

Generally though, fares look like this: 1 x adult (no vehicle): $51 – $73. 1 x child (under 14): $26 – $33. Infant (under 1): Free.

How long does it take to get from North Island to South Island New Zealand?

How long does it take to travel from the North Island to the South Island? Flights from Auckland to Queenstown, for example, take less than 2 hours. You can fly from Wellington to Nelson in 40 minutes. Wellington (on the southern tip of the North Island) to Christchurch (the South's biggest city) takes just 50 minutes.

Is 2 weeks in New Zealand enough?

Two weeks isn't enough time to see both Islands. I'd recommend you spend your time in the South Island. While you can see some of New Zealand in two weeks and there is some spectacular scenery, the weather could also be a factor. ...

Can you see South Island from Wellington?

Wellington City encircles its harbour and from Mt Victoria you can see it all. On a fine day you can even see the snow-capped peaks of the South Islands of the Inland Kaikoura Ranges.

How long is ferry ride from Picton to Wellington?

approximately 3½ hours

Is bluebridge or interislander better?

Interislander is slightly more expensive and at least one of the ferries is a tad more comfortable than the Bluebridge ones. ... Interislander is the big ferry company with the huge boats and also have all the rental car depots for pick up and drop off at their terminals only.

Which Interislander ferry is best?


Are there sharks in the Cook Strait?

"Cook Strait is an incredibly productive feeding area and there are probably quite a number of great white sharks in the vicinity of Cook Strait for most of the year, but this time there are more around as the sharks are returning from the tropics.

Is there a bridge between Australia and New Zealand?

A bridge or tunnel between Tasmania and any part of New Zealand suffers from exactly the same impossibilities as a bridge or tunnel from the Australian mainland to New Zealand. There is no “huge reduction in distance”.

Is there a bridge that connects New Zealand?

Originally Answered: Is there a bridge connecting New Zealand's two main islands? It appears that it is only about 20 km across at the shortest point (far SW side of the North Island to the smaller islands north of the South Island and just island hop down from there). There is no bridge.

What happened to the Auckland Harbour bridge?

High winds have toppled a truck on Auckland's Harbour Bridge, leading to long traffic delays. The beam did what it was supposed to, shearing off at the bolts rather than pulling on and damaging other support member, with its load transferred to other supports on the steel truss.

Why is New Zealand separate from Australia?

New Zealand began as a colony administered from/as part of New South Wales, becoming a separate colony in 1841, and a self-governing colony in 1852. NZ declined to join the federation of Australia in 1901 and instead became, like Australia, a Dominion (and so effectively a nation) in 1907.

What is the relationship between New Zealand and Australia?

Bilateral relations. Australia and New Zealand are natural allies with a strong trans-Tasman sense of family. Migration, trade and defence ties, keen competition on the sporting field, and strong people-to-people links have helped shape a close and co-operative relationship.