Can ham radio towers be regulated by HOA?

Can ham radio towers be regulated by HOA?

[HAM radio operators] are protected, but not at the expense of Americans living in deed-restricted communities.” The compromise legislation will permit community associations to establish and enforce reasonable written rules concerning the installation of HAM radio antennas.

Can Hoa prevent antenna?

Unfortunately some HOA organizations have written “no antenna” clauses into their rules. Many do not realize that this is usually in direct violation of the FCC's OTARD rule. A Homeowners Association (HOA) or other organization can not prevent you from installing a TV antenna.

Can Hoa restrict antennas?

Under the rule, condominium, homeowners' associations, and landlords cannot unreasonably restrict the use of antennas designed to receive wireless cable or local television broadcasts or satellite dishes not exceeding one meter in diameter.

What is the otard rule?

The OTARD Rule prohibits governmental and non-governmental restrictions that impair the installation, maintenance, or use of antennas “on property within the exclusive use or control of the antenna user where the user has a direct or indirect ownership or leasehold interest in the property.”

Can TV antennas be used for ham radio?

Member. Yes, you can use a TV antenna for VHF/UHF (I am using one right now and have gotten 60+ miles).

Do antennas need FCC certification?

1 Answer. A antenna by itself does not radiate, so can't be certified. The entire unit of a intential radiator, including the antenna, absolutely needs to have FCC certification if you want to legally sell it in the United States.

What is a Class 2 permissive change?

A Class II permissive change includes those modifications which degrade the performance characteristics as reported to the Commission at the time of the initial certification. Such degraded performance must still meet the minimum requirements of the applicable rules.

What is otard?

FCC rules for Over-the-Air-Reception Devices (OTARD) protect the rights of property owners or tenants to install, maintain or use an antenna to receive video programming from direct broadcast satellites, broadband radio services and television broadcast stations on areas within the owner's or tenant's exclusive use.

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