Can you record higher than 60 fps?

Can you record higher than 60 fps?

This would affect the editing and rendering of your video and would just impact people watching your video on youtube, not even sure youtube supports a higher framerate than 60fps. To answer the raw question... yes, you can record as high a framerate as you want, as long as your game is playing at that framrate.

Does Nvidia overlay drop FPS?

You may see a performance drop when using Shadowplay, but it will never be more than one or two FPS.

How much does OBS FPS?

OBS does have a 2-3% impact on CPU/GPU usage and this translates to a 10-15 FPS loss in Legion equating to about 20-25% of the overall possible frame rate with it off.

Why are my recordings so laggy?

Screen recording is an inherently CPU-intensive process. Therefore, some lag is possible if you have many competing programs, applications, and processes running while you're recording.

Why is obs so choppy?

The main cause of a choppy video is a computer that does not meet our minimum hardware requirements. If your machine does meet these requirements, please follow the below steps to confirm you have setup OBS correctly: Check Frame Rate – Your recordings should be set to 30 frames per second (FPS).

Why are my recordings so laggy OBS?

Lagging in OBS videos can also be due to an outdated Network Adapter Driver. It may be possible that your old driver doesn't support your Windows, which is causing problems while playing videos.

How do I reduce CPU usage in OBS?

Here are some ways you can reduce resource utilization and, hopefully, make both OBS and your programs run faster while encoding:

  1. Downscale your output resolution. ...
  2. Lower your frame rate. ...
  3. Change your x264 preset. ...
  4. Try Quicksync, AMF, or NVENC. ...
  5. Check your sources. ...
  6. Upgrade your hardware.

How do I fix choppy video recording?

How to Fix Choppy or Jerky Videos?

  1. Re-download /copy videos again.
  2. Play videos on another media player.
  3. Clear browser's cache and cookies.
  4. Convert video to a different format.
  5. Reduce the video size and resolution.
  6. Check your computer configuration.
  7. Update your computer drivers.
  8. Use video repair software to fix choppy video playback on Windows and Mac.

How do I lower GPU usage on OBS?

To help ensure that the GPU has enough resources for both the game and OBS (and other tasks that need the GPU), the easiest solution is to cap your game's framerate. Most modern games have a built-in option for this. The simplest thing to do here is set the game's framerate to the refresh rate of your monitor.

How do I reduce vmix CPU usage?


  1. Set the CPU to High Performance in Windows. ...
  2. Streaming: If you have an NVIDIA graphics card installeds, try ticking Use Hardware Encoder tick box in the streaming settings to reduce the use of the CPU:

Does OBS use GPU or CPU?

Even if you encode with CPU (x264), OBS needs a minimum amount of GPU power to do the video compositing. A GT 710 isn't suited for OBS operation at all. You will get rendering lag with it. Even iGPUs might become overloaded, if you compose your scenes with more than 1 or 2 sources.

Why does Windows Manager use so much GPU?

High GPU usage of Desktop Window Manager & Client Server Runtime Process after Windows 10 April Update. ... Drag a browser around (IE, Chrome) will make Desktop Window Manager's GPU usage increased to 25-30%. Play any game will make those processess' GPU usages increased a lot (sometimes it will used up 100% GPU).

Can you disable DWM EXE?

Don't Worry Much About DWM Desktop Window Manager is an essential system process that you can trust to do its job in the background. Its name may be obscure, but DWM is important to the way Windows looks and works, which is why you can't disable or remove it.

Why does Windows Manager use so much RAM?

The Desktop Window Manager high memory issue may be caused by a recent Intel driver bug. If Desktop Window Manager is consuming too many resources, that can cause black screens or software crashes. ... Another good solution is by updating your drivers with a third-party tool recommended below.

Is DWM exe a virus?

Is dwm.exe a virus? No, it is not. The true dwm.exe file is a safe Microsoft Windows system process, called "Desktop Window Manager". However, writers of malware programs, such as viruses, worms, and Trojans deliberately give their processes the same file name to escape detection.

What happens when DWM exe crashes?

A crash caused by dwm.exe on Windows 10 can indicate malware infection or faulty hardware. You won't know the cause from the start, but you'll get a dwm notification window. ... Running various system scans is also very helpful to eliminate the dwm.exe system error.

Can you restart DWM EXE?

3 Answers. Use Taskmanager or ProcessExplorer and simply kill/terminate the DWM process. Winlogon.exe automatically restarts the DWM.exe process.

What UMFD 0?

UMFD-0 is a system account generated by the User Mode Driver Framework component, and it got limited permission only for the font tasks it needs to execute. You cannot log in as UMFD-0 user on a system as it doesn't even have permission to run an explorer.exe process.

What is ICESoundService64 EXE?

Normally, the ICESoundService64.exe is a component of the Ice Power Driver utilized for some audio equipment. ... ICEsoundService64 or ICEpower ICEsound APO service . It's an application file, located in ThisPC/windows(C:)/Windows/System32. The file size is 731 kb.