What work is being done to the Bernabeu?

What work is being done to the Bernabeu?

Equipped with ramps, escalators and lifts, the new towers will replace the current B and C towers and will serve to make the flow of spectators more fluid. They will also serve an architectural purpose, given that they will provide structural support for the new roof.

How much debt does Real Madrid have?

Barcelona's net debt more than doubled to €488m in the year to last June while for Real Madrid, the figure was €354.

Are Barcelona State funded?

SPAIN'S government has been found guilty of illegally funding seven football clubs - including Real Madrid and Barcelona. The European commission has ruled Spain provided state-funding to help the clubs gain an unfair advantage over their rivals.

Does the government own Barcelona?

No one person or business group "owns" FC Barcelona. As mentioned earlier, 155,000 "socis" ("socios" or "members") who each pay up to €140 annually for the privilege. The socis govern the club by electing a president of the board of directors every four years.

How is Real Madrid finances?

Real Madrid, Like Barcelona, Also Struggling With Rising Debts Amidst the Pandemic. Real Madrid earned €691.

How much are Glazers worth?

With soccer team valuations ballooning, the Glazers have been selling shares in the historic team, now worth $3.