Who sings lead vocals on Brick House?

Who sings lead vocals on Brick House?


Why did Commodores break up?

In 1979 the Commodores released “Still,” their last number one hit with Richie in the band. By that point the Commodores were the best-selling Motown act of the 1970s. In 1981 Richie recorded the number one single, “Endless Love” with Diana Ross, and left the Commodores by year's end to pursue a solo career.

Who recorded still?

Bill Anderson

Who sang I'm easy like Sunday morning?


What album is easy like Sunday morning on?


What year did easy like Sunday morning come out?


What does Easy like a Sunday morning mean?

In this song, Richie sings about giving up on a relationship because it's bringing him down. He feels liberated after the breakup and has a sense of calm that's "easy like Sunday morning." The song is often misinterpreted as a sweet love song.

Who wrote I'm easy?

Keith Carradine

Who sang Easy 1977?


What tempo is easy by the Commodores?

132 BPM

What does the Commodores mean?

1a : a captain in the navy in command of a squadron. b : a commissioned officer in the navy formerly ranking above captain and below rear admiral and having an insignia of one star. 2 : the ranking officer commanding a body of merchant ships.

What year were Commodores?


Who sang the song Night Shift?