Do L-shaped stairs save space?

Do L-shaped stairs save space?

L-shaped stairs can add privacy by providing a visual barrier between floors. They can be in the corner of a room to save on space. Handrails will require more skill and planning to construct for L-shaped stairs.

What is counted as square footage in a home?

To calculate the square footage of a 2-story house, simply measure every room in the house. Exclude any unfinished areas, such as the garage or an unfinished basement. After measuring each room individually – including the closets in each room – combine the measurements from all rooms.

Does square footage of a house include all floors?

Any space that has walls, flooring, ceiling and heat would count as finished square footage.

Can Realtors lying about square footage?

Even though you are required to do due diligence, a seller has a duty not to misrepresent and further, under most states' laws, has a duty to disclose in real estate sales. A real estate agent has an even higher duty to you as a buyer, likely spelled out by Louisiana law. Speak to a few local attorneys about this.

Can I sue my realtor for misrepresentation?

In the majority of real estate related lawsuits, a court will award monetary damages to a plaintiff who has been wronged by a real estate agent. These awards could include: Compensatory damages associated with a breach of contract or misrepresentation.