What is the meaning of florid?

What is the meaning of florid?

1a : very flowery in style : ornate florid prose florid declamations also : having a florid style a florid writer. b : elaborately decorated a florid interior. c obsolete : covered with flowers. 2a : tinged with red : ruddy a florid complexion.

What are examples of ornaments?

An example of an ornament is a star on a Christmas tree. An example of an ornament is a young man who is determined as a hero and a good example to other young men in an organization. Something that decorates or adorns; an embellishment. A person considered as a source of pride, honor, or credit.

Is baubles an English word?

bauble in American English 1. a showy but worthless or useless thing; trinket, trifle, etc.

What do they call ornaments in England?

A bauble is a small, cheap ornament or piece of jewelry.

What are the balls on Christmas trees called?

Christmas ornaments, baubles, "christmas bulbs" or "Christmas bubbles" are decoration items, usually to decorate Christmas trees. These decorations have been made using the following techniques: weaved, blown (glass or plastic), molded (ceramic or metal) or carved from wood or expanded polystyrene.

Where did the saying bits and bobs come from?

Bits and Bobs also is English slang for a collection of small items too numerous or varied to name individually. It originated from carpenters' tool kits containing parts for a drill, with bits used for making holes while bobs are routing or screwdriving drill attachments.

What do the balls on the Christmas tree represent?

Hill says Christmas balls are her favorite tradition, because they symbolize the reflection of God's love and light in our lives. "This Friendship Ball is a symbol of our friendship. It is a never-ending circle that sparkles in the light the way you bring sparkle to my life.

Why do we decorate Christmas trees with ornaments?

Using the green leaves of an evergreen tree to decorate homes during wintertime started as a Pagan tradition, designed as a symbol of life amid the dark, cold winter nights. The tradition dates back to the Roman times – with them doing so usually around their New Year celebrations.

What is the culture around ornament?

Plenty of myths surround the pickled-shaped Christmas ornament. The most popular story is that it's an old German tradition, though that may not be exactly true. Now, many parents hide the pickle ornament on the tree, and the lucky child who finds it on Christmas morning gets to open the first gift.