Which direction should my summer house face?

Which direction should my summer house face?

For the ideal placement, your summer house should be facing south, positioned at a reasonable distance away from your house.

What should I look for in a summer house?

Summer houses are typically constructed from planed, shiplap tongue and groove timber. This provides a more attractive finish than rough-cut, or featheredge overlap boards, as well as increased durability. Make sure to also check what material the roof and floorboards are made from.

How long will a wooden summerhouse last?

With proper maintenance and treatment, a log house could last for over a hundred years given the evidence of century-old log houses and wooden structures all over Europe, where the first log homes originated.

How do you weatherproof a summer house?

How to protect your summer house in winter

  1. Renew wood treatments. All timber garden buildings need to be treated against rot, moisture and insects, using wood preservative treatments. ...
  2. Provide ventilation space. ...
  3. Check window seals. ...
  4. Check the roof. ...
  5. Check the drainage. ...
  6. Clear out the gutters. ...
  7. Snow clearing.

Do you need planning permission for a home office in the garden?

Extended height garden room buildings must be situated 2m away from your boundary to avoid the need for planning permission. You can certainly still have your garden office built within 2m of your boundary however you will require planning permission.

Do you need permission for a garden room?

Garden rooms or buildings do not require planning permission, if they fall within permitted development guidelines. To classify as an 'outbuilding' under permitted development rules, it must not contain sleeping accommodation and must be single storey with a maximum eaves height of 2.

Can I live in a log cabin in my garden?

Firstly, you can have a cabin in your garden if you just use it to sleep in. It must be “ancilliary to the needs of the house”. In other words, its just sleeping accommodation, you aren't allowed to add a bathroom or a toilet in it etc, just an extra room.

How far does a garden shed have to be from a fence?

It is no higher than 3m above the ground level. It is set back a minimum of 900mm from each boundary.

Can Neighbours attach things to my house?

Attaching plant pots, lights or anything else to your neighbour's wall or fence will require permission! If the wall is on the right, then you must ask your neighbour. If you go ahead and attach something, then you can technically be prosecuted for criminal damage, although cases are sporadic.

Can I drill into my Neighbours fence?

No, you can't if it's on the right hand side of the boundary. Whoever put the fence up, if it's on the right hand side, it's legally theirs, so you would have to ask permission. It is only an exception if implicitely stated in the deeds.

Can I hang stuff on my side of the fence?

If the attachment is on his/her side of the fence, then yes your neighbor may attach something, as long as that something does not damage your side of the fence. Commonly, fences are built along property lines. On one side of the fence is your property, while the other side is on your neighbor's property.