What is the brightest LED headlight you can buy?

What is the brightest LED headlight you can buy?

The S1 is a heavy duty, super bright, 10,000 Lumen LED headlight bulb. It's one of the brightest headlight replacements on the market. This 30-watt LED will replace a standard halogen light bulb that is currently used in most older vehicles today. The S1 LED light bulb is actually equivalent to a 600 Watt Halogen bulb.

Are blue headlights illegal in Kentucky?

By Travis Thayer (Frankfort, Ky.) – Blue headlights can often be distracting and misleading, but a recently signed bill in Kentucky is set to change that. Headlamp covers or film that changes the color of the light emitted will also be prohibited. ...

Are LED headlights legal in KY?

The new law prohibits vehicles from emitting anything other than white light from the front headlights and requires all headlamps to meet U.S. Department of Transportation regulations. ... Vehicles with original equipment lighting installed by the manufacturer are exempt.

What color headlights are legal in KY?

Only white (or amber) lights are allowed. Vehicles in Kentucky must have at least two headlights, and two taillights; additional lighting is not specified.

Are colored headlights illegal in Kentucky?

A Kentucky law that goes into effect at the end of the week requires your headlights to only emit the color white. It also says headlamps must meet United States Department of Transportation regulations. ... It also bans any tint or film you put over your headlights.