What is the perimeter of cross section?

What is the perimeter of cross section?

The wetted perimeter is the perimeter of the cross sectional area that is "wet". The length of line of the intersection of channel wetted surface with a cross sectional plane normal to the flow direction.

Is resistivity directly proportional to area of cross section?

The resistivity of the conductor is inversely proportional to the area of the conductor.

What is area of cross section class 10?

And resistivity is a characteristic property of the material of a wire resistivity helps in comparing the materials on the basis of their ability to conduct electric currents. Hence the area of cross-section of wire of length 2 cm and resistance 46 Ω is 8×10−8m2.

What do you call a polygon with 3 sides and 3 angles?

Triangle. A polygon with 3 angles and 3 sides.

What is a two-dimensional cross section?

A cross section is the face you obtain by making a "slice" through a solid object. A cross section is two-dimensional. ... When a plane intersects a solid figure, the cross sectional face may be a point, a line segment, or a two-dimensional shape such as, but not limited to, a circle, rectangle, oval, or hexagon.

What are the two cross sections of a rectangular prism?

The cross section of the above right rectangular prism is triangle or equilateral triangle. Question 6 : Describe the cross section of the right rectangular prism given below with the name of its shape.

How do you find the diagonals of a rectangular prism?

To find the diagonal distance of a prism, you can use the formula: \displaystyle d = \sqrt{w^{2} + l^{2} + h^{2}}, where = height; = width, and = length.

Which two-dimensional cross sections are squares?

We have to select from options that the two-dimensional cross section are squares. The correct options are : A cross-section that is perpendicular to the base of a cube. A cross-section that is perpendicular to the base of a cylinder whose base diameter and height are the same.