What is Cdom in water?

What is Cdom in water?

Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter or Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM): Both refer to organic matter in water that absorbs strongly in the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum. Fluorescent Dissolved Organic Matter (fDOM) refers to the fraction of CDOM that fluoresces.

What is Cdom oceanography?

Colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) is the optically measurable component of dissolved organic matter in water. ... Therefore, water with little or no CDOM, such as the open ocean, appears blue. Waters containing high amounts of CDOM can range from brown, as in many rivers, to yellow and yellow-brown in coastal waters.

How is Cdom measured?

CDOM can be measured with a spectrophotometer, fluorometer or a sensor and sonde. There are two main ways to take a measurement of CDOM. In the first, investigators take water samples and later analyze them using spectrophotometers.

Where does Cdom come from?

It is widely accepted that in estuaries and nearshore waters, CDOM mostly comes from rivers that drain the land, and is most notably comprised of the degradation products of lignins.

What is Gelbstoff?

Noun. gelbstoff (uncountable) (hydrology, oceanography) The optically measurable component of dissolved organic matter in water, which primarily occurs naturally from tannin released from decaying detritus.

Does Cdom absorb nutrients?

CDOM is the principal light-absorbing component of the dissolved organic matter (DOM) pool in sea waters, far exceeding the contributions of discrete dissolved organic or inorganic light-absorbing compounds.

What is chromophoric dissolved organic matter?

Chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) is the fraction of the dissolved organic carbon (DOC) pool that absorbs light in both the ultra violet and visible ranges (Kirk, 1994).

What is fluorescent dissolved organic matter?

Fluorescent dissolved organic matter, or fDOM, is the fraction of CDOM that fluoresces. This means that only some CDOM is fluorescent. Often used as a surrogate for CDOM in measurements, fDOM is one constituent that makes tracking dissolved organic matter possible in natural waters.

Why is dissolved organic carbon important?

Dissolved and particulate organic carbon are important components in the carbon cycle and serve as a primary food sources for aquatic food webs. In addition, DOC alters aquatic ecosystem chemistries by contributing to acidification in low-alkalinity, weakly buffered, freshwater systems.

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